Masmic Attention Token (MAT) Presale
MAT tokenizes online attention on Masmic and makes it a digital utility tradable between buyers and sellers | Become one of the earliest owners of MATs by buying at a high discount during Presale Period
Masmic Attention Token (MAT)
Buy MAT at a discount during Presale Period | Using MAT, Anyone will be able to promote their products/services to a large Masmic userbase at a very low price
Why Masmic is Needed ?
Current Digital Ads Industry is broken, as users don't get any incentives for engaging with ads and advertisers can't reach out to the target audience because most of them have installed ad blockers. The solution is brought by Masmic - if users get incentives for engaging with ads and advertisers can reach out to the target audience at a low cost with good mental engagement, it creates a win-win for both.
Masmic Platform
A social marketplace for online attention, knowledge and creativity
For Creators
Ability to monetise good original content and attention, and creatively engage with people across the world
A long-term sustainable way to make money online
Ability to monetise your content in a simple, meritocratic and transparent way
Micropayments allow creators to withdraw even small earnings instantly with near zero fees
For Advertisers
Ability to creatively engage with audience using Q&A instead of click-baitish ads at much lower cost
Users get a major share of advertising spend - incentivizing their good mental engagement with advertisers’ sponsored Q&A
Ability to use for multiple purposes - user acquisition, brand awareness, product feedback, crowdsourced social media marketing and open innovation
Where are we right now?
Tokens Supply and Distributed
Current Presale Distribution Progress
Our Team
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Get In Touch
Have any queries Or want to connect with us, just send a mail on You can also join our Telegram community to engage with fellow masmic users. For more information please visit our help center