7 months ago

"An ounce of incentive is worth more than a pound of goodwill." What's your view on this?

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Goodwill is extremely difficult to define objectively. What could have been considered a good deed in Nazi Germany, say exposing your Jewish neighbours to the Gestapo, wouldn't be categorized as a "deed made with goodwill" by the most of us living today. 
However, I suppose this statement is referring to the assumption that doing something with an incentive rather than by goodwill makes that action "stronger", more likely to be completed, in which case I would tend to agree. This might be one of the most fundamental laws of the cosmos. Moralities are only inside the imaginations of humans, but the incentive to survive and multiply is what drives every single living being in the universe.
I guess it depends on how genuine the good will is.
will power is strong and good Will can accomplish things if backed with action.
Incentives are great if they are enough to get the desired effect there has to be enough incentives for a specific person to do a specific thing.
as a saying pertaining to motivation well I guess it could be true.
I think that the western world is motivated by a reward(funding) system. At least so much more than other places. However it's important that goodwill is behind that motivation.
I completely agree. This is shown by Masmic in - people can post things and hope for people to reply. If you give people an incentive, they will write good quality responses.