"Health = Exercise + Diet + Sleep". What's your opinion on this statement?

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What I've understood is that these days they tend to recommend the above like this: Health=eat properly + exercise + sleep. Eating right is vital for us as it constitutes most of our weight control desires and what you put inside of your system is affecting you all the time. Also, the less that you eat, generally better. Don't overdo it though.

Exercise I don't have to explain I think, its that thing that everybody promises to start tomorrow, and yet they never will. Or once, or twice. Very important part of our lives.

Sleeping affects us in many different ways, some of which we don't yet understand. But, sleeping well does help you to remember new things, charge your batteries for the challenges of tomorrow and easing stress along with other things.

What I've come to realize is that this list constitutes of "bodily" needs if you will. Your mind is left without care. You see, if you play by the rules of the equation, you should have great basis for a succesful and happy life. How ever, even these things don't guarantee your mental health. They are important factors considering your longevity and possibilities of living a great life, but even if you lack one of those you can be mentally sane while somebody with a perfect body can be really unhappy about their life. Take me for example, I'm a very bad sleeper and I suffer from it every day. It surely is a nasty problem to deal with and causes extra stress for both the body and the mind but I still feel there are people with vastly worse mental health situations than I do.

In essence, succeed in these things and you'll be of a to a great start, but make sure your mind is up to the task. If your head can't handle the speed that your body does, its of no use to be in a great shape. Balance is the key.

A good healthy life is combination of good food , good workout / exercise ( depending upon your goal level of exercise can change but mild exercise that can be walking also is essential for everyone) and sound mind / sleep.

There is an old saying eat your food like medicine or you have to take medicine as food. A healthy balanced diet in protein, carbohydrates, minerals , fat etc to be taken and based on your goal the calories taken to be monitored.

Exercise keeps the body active and free from life style diseases like obesity etc. A consistent exercise is more important than sporadic heavy dose exercise.

Sleep of 7-8 hours is essential for everyone based on age group and lifestyle. A sound sleep helps the individual to have balanced blood pressure . One having sound sleep will have less stress and focus on a better and healthy way of life.

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The equation is not balanced. We to need to balance the equation like we do in chemistry.

Physical Health = Exercise + Diet + Sleep
Mental Health = Meditation + No Stress + Surroundings

Health = Physical Health + Mental Health
Add mental well being/good social life/ meditation to above equation to balance it
Contrary to what most people thing, Exercise is not the most important of the three(Exercise, Diet, Sleep). In OrderĀ of importance to me:

1.Sleep - Eight to nine hours between 8pm and 6AM, in important.
30 minutes naps at 10am and 2:30pm if possible. The time you
get your rest is very important.(research circadian rhythm).

2.Diet - Good nutrition is the next most important. Again the timing of meals
is imperative. The last meal should be at lease 2.5-4hours before
bedtime. Of course primarily fruit and vegetable is the most important
part of the meal. High quality meats that are low in fat. Then your
starchy portions should be steamed or baked if possible. Every
fried food should be kept to a minimum.

3.Exercise - I don't mean to suggest exercise is not important it is. Start out
simple and walk as much as possible. Park the car a couple
blocks from you destination. Take a short around the block after
meals.(5 mins.) 30 minutes of cardio at least five times a week is
good. A walk, bike ride, run or swim will do.
You have to take everything with some precautions. Over-excercising can aswell lead to serious health problems. Ask out some senior runners, footballers or weightlifters. Their joints at the age of 30 are as used as of 70-year old people . Sport does not necessarily equal to health.
I think It is fairly accurate, I would probably put it in a different order maybe:
diet- sleep- excersize šŸ¤£
the old adage is true you are what you eat.
Also science has proven you have to sleep enough or you canā€™t function properly.
Of course excersize is super important for a healthy lifestyle too!
Long living
Perfect Life