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"If the news are fake, imagine history" - What's your opinion on this statement?

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This Question on Jan 28 gave Me Goosebumps and I have to PINCH Myself to check I'm in reality.

Jan 21 2019 Morning 11:41 am
Dr.Sri Sri Sri Shivakumara Swamiji is No more.

It was like Lightning Strike for People especially Karnataka Region.

Call from Home( Dad) we need to Go to Mutt and I was already on my way towards home.

My father completed his Education from Siddaganga Mutt. Today we are in a Stable position in Life( notBad) and it is All Biksha( Given By Guru). If there was No free Education run by Swamiji it was very Difficult to continue Studies in 1950s.

Achievements of Shivakumara Swamiji in Brief

1. Took Mutt In charge in very Bad Financial Position.
2. Took 300rs Loan in 1930s to Feed Children's in Mutt.
3. For Years Went on to many villages begging Grains, he would bring those and Feed all Students in Mutt.
4. After Observing Swamiji for Many years, people of Tumkur and Villages surrounding Mutt started Donated whatever than Can.
5. From Rich to Poor everyone donated to Mutt because People saw Mutt is creating Flowers of Tomorrow with Free Education, Free Food and Free Spiritual Knowledge so Students Started Calling him( TrividaDosihi).
6. Mutt Has Given some of most Esteemed Officers to India.
7.At any point of time there will be 10,000 Children Studying in Mutt.
8. He Started 130+ Free Education Institutions to make Education Available for all.
9. He lived 111 years and he worked 18 Hours a day for almost 70 years.

He knew that Morning that his Journey towards God will Start. So he called his Junior Sri and Oath and Said
"I think it's my time, promise me that you will break the news of my Death after 2:30 pm, because all Children should complete their Lunch"

He was Walking God living among us and if this news somehow declared fake on Jan 22 then whole Karnataka Would have celebrated it like Birth Of God.

Someone's Tweet Translation from Kannada to English Regarding " Bharat Ratna " not Awarded to Sri Swamiji.

" You(Modi Govt) gave Bharat Ratna to People, about Whom we cannot Write a Page Full of Achievements and You Ignored Swamiji about with who's Achievements you can write a Book"

There are Books Available in English find it and read. What I have Written here is not even a Drop of water from His Ocean of Achievements and Life History.
I think we just have to look back at how the so called modern/ western world was created( as we know it today)!
Who really discovered place X.

There is a lot of fake news on the internet. However without the internet, there would be even more. History is a long trail of information that is subject to interpretation.

Our perspective on life has a lot to do with where we grew up to. I think people who get to travel the world at a young age are most fortunate.
Well if we start doubting the written history, then it becomes difficult from where do we start searching the truth. We know for sure that when raising an argument against the mighty kings could get you a death sentence, then how could somebody would have opposed the royal writer writing about the good deeds.

History is full of opinions and stories which look fascinating but far from truth. For example, just take a relook on how the religious texts are written and the stories of superhumans (read as 'gods') have been depicted. They certainly feels as propaganda and pr for the sole motive of getting people converted to the particular religion.

And that's where the importance of scientific reasoning lies. We just couldn't believe a text if it is written x thousands of years ago. We must separate out the facts from opinions, then check for other sources about the facts mentioned and then only using that information as source of truth for further discussion or building a theory on the basis of it.
If the present is fake and the past is questionable, then it's more likely that nothing exists as we think it does. Our existence may be fake, what if we don't exist? What if everything you've ever seen, heard, smelled, touched, or tasted is all fake? What if your thoughts aren't actually your thoughts? Are you fake?

You constantly experience things that turn out to be fake, imagine your history, are we all fake?
I totally agree that the chain of events that are presented to us as history has its glitches and are no way absolute. There is no reason to consider anything to be the utmost truth just by going through the books. Human mind is very curious and keeps on speculating what might've happened. However none of those speculations are absolute too. It's somewhat our weakness to mould the truth in our reality that the actual chain of events get lost. All of these, just for seeking pleasure through attention. This is not going to change. It's a pattern that created the history, that creates news and it's repetitive. So, acknowledgement of such a gray area is itself a great thought and thus, appreciable.
History is written by the winners. So...
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