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According to you, what is happiness?

Have you ever thought about what's a state of happiness for you?
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According to me

Happiness is Giving Needy people and poor children some money for their help - Smile in their face brings Satisfaction to our heart.( Yes money can buy happiness).

Happiness is Buying parents some gift with small first salary ( i hope everyone has done that and will do that in future too).

Happiness is seeing notification of a message from whom you have been waiting and missing for so long .

Happiness is eating good food with friends in one plate( Room experince ).

Joining 99 Clubs will not bring happiness to heart but the things i mentioned above will definately bring smile on face.

In this modern life many people describe happiness as having peace of mind but they dont realize that money doesn't bring peace of mind nor do the attitude of not working for anyone.
Peace of mind is being happy in life and facing challenges with smile.
Happiness is no absolute term, it cannot be defined with a certain set of things or activity.

Even if i will talk about my happiness , it is not fixed, things making me happy today might not make me happy sometime later.
It is just a state of mind which I am not even conscious about most of the time. I guess a constant reminder to yourself about the things you are grateful for will help us identify what is actually making us happy.

I have said all the above theories because on New Year's Eve, when I was thinking of new beginning, new resolutions , i was bit tensed about how things will turn out. I was out with my family and i was sitting in a corner with myself. Suddenly when i looked up to my family laughing and smiling together under a common roof, i forgot all my worries and that was the moment of happiness for me for the day.

I think it's easy to find happiness when you're grateful for what you have and not looking at what you don't have. The happiest people are usually the most humble. One exercise I tried was I wrote down 10 things I was grateful for everyday and it really made me start looking towards the positive.
A state of happiness is when you live in the moment. When you are not influenced by external desires which create a gap between reality and desire, resulting in dissatisfaction.
Having a family and being in health...
Happiness for me is to
1. Learn new things
2. Help someone ( make myself capable to do so)
3. Traveling to hills, as I go up the winding roads, less are my cluttered thoughts about people/things, more is my happiness.
Having a mind free of concerns, worry, or anxiety, for however long such a state lasts, and having family.
  • There is a famous quoute, which for me the the most appropriate definition of Happiness : "There is only one  happiness  in this life, to love and be loved."

Happiness is a basically a feeling of self satisfaction. It comes when you are truly satisfied will all your surroundings and people around you.
Happiness is the contentment for achieving the goals you set for yourself. People who compares themselves to others are the most unhappy people out there.