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According to you, what's the best invention in the world?

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The best inventions which led humanity to greatness :

  1. Fire
  2. Wheel
  3. Gears
  4. Transistor (one of the greatest inventions in the 20th century)
  5. Printing Press

Here is a small summary why:

Gears ->
convener belts were possible because of the invention of gears, which led to industrial revolution.

Printing Press - >
Once printing was made mainstream flow of information through printed medium increased rapidly. ( Newspapers, Magazines, Pamphlets ).
which played a huge role in development of human civilization.
invented in 1439 by the German Johannes Gutenberg, this device in many ways laid the foundation for our modern age. It allowed ink to be
transferred from the movable type to paper in a mechanized way. This revolutionized the spread of knowledge and religion as previously books were
generally hand-written

Transistor - >
Much of the progress in the past 60 years has been because of the success of the transistor . Invented in the 1940s , it replaced vacuum tubes in
televisions, radios and other electronic equipment. Its ruggedness, small size and low power consumption produced a wave of miniaturization resulting
in home computers, digital cameras, cell phones and other devices.

Fire and Wheel (Self explanatory)

While the worldwide network of computers has been in development since the 1960s, when it took the shape of U.S. Defense Department's
ARPANET, the Internet as we know it today is an even more modern invention. 1990s creation of the World Wide Web by England's Tim Berners-Lee
is responsible for transforming our communication, commerce, entertainment, politics,
Wireless Signals

We're using it 24x7 in most of our daily activities (or things that we're using)

  1. Mobile Phones
  2. The WiFi
  3. Radio
  4. GPS

Uh, that's a really tough questions. It's very hard to pick the best invention. But if I had to choose, I would definitely go with the invention of vaccination . I know that today there is a lot of discussions against vaccination, but just imagine how much diseases have we fought off because of that invention.

Sure, I could have said Internet (or any other big invention), but who knows if any of that big invention would have been invented if there was no vaccination.

Alright I will try to name some.

Crude Oil - Crude Oil and Petroleum Products.

The Invention of Crude Oil in Middle West Changed the Lives of Desert People, the Tribal who used to wander around using Camels built Cities and Roads and Established as a most Favorable Place for Booming Real Estate and Economy.
Dubai is the Queen of Cities that is Built from Ashes in the most Unfavourable Conditions.

Today we Cannot Live without Crude Oil and it's Byproducts. From Tar to Lip Balm Invention of Crude Oil Changed the Lives of People Around the World.

Gasoline - is the Purest Form of Energy can we ever think of Life Without LPG.

Plastic - Imagine How Costly the would have been Without Plastic. We Cannot Use Metals for Everything.

Petrol and Diesel - Steem Engine was Great to start Mass Transportation but the Burden was to Burn Coal that would Induce Huge Effect on Nature.
Invention of Petrol and Diesel changed the whole equation of Designing Engines.
( I know You are Thinking of Telsa Cars since I Started topic of Crude Oil, but you need Grease and Other Products for Telsa Cars tooπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰).

Wheels, Automobiles and Train -
Invention of Wheels Dates Back to 3500 BC. We don't know who Invented Wheel But we must salute to the Inventor of Wheel. All that came after Like Cycle and Bullock Cart are with Domestication of Animals and Invention of Metals.
With the Invention of Metals the hunger to Develop something that can Run Wheels without Animals or Kinetic Effort of Humans Increased. So the Invention of Engines made it the Difference and We have reached a Stage where is No Longer Use in Bullock carts.

Modern Computer - Invention of computers dates back 1880s which used Transistors and needed Huge Space. People even never wanted Computers in Office until the design of Computers changed in 1980s.
Can We ever Imagine to Run Offices now without Computers. Imagine how much space was needed to Store Data.

Internet - From Sending Messages to Online Wedding, internet has changed lives forever and it's not possible to Live without Internet.

Today Right to use Internet has evolved has a Human Right, because you can All information at your Fingertips. There is no need to Spend so much on Education in 2019, but you need to spend some to Get Graduation Certificates πŸ˜‰.

Electricity and Bulb - There cannot no life on Earth without Electricity. Even our Body has Low Amps of current. But it took Time to find out Ways to Find out generation of Electricity and the rest is History and we cannot Look back our lives without Electricity.

Vaccines - The reason for so much growth in Human Population is the Invention of Vaccine. Vaccine is Controversial Topic in 2000s, as so many Doctors have Advocated against use of Vaccines. Some have even claimed that Mutation in Humans( Production of Cancer Cells) is due to extreme abuse of Different types of Vaccines.

Can You Lead Your Life Without CrudeOil and Internet??
I think Electric Light was best invention in the world..

That change the world completely,, Today every new invention is depend on Electricity.

Language. We invented it, and without it there would be no other inventions.
People have invented so many great things during the history of mankind. They will keep inventing awesome, unimaginable things in the future as well. But the thing that impresses me the most and that is the cornerstone of everything we know today is something so simple we all take for granted today. The creation of writing is the thing that shaped the world as we know it today - it helped us gather and preserve knowledge , helped us to learn and grow , to know about our history , to write about our future and to be able to communicate globally - to be more connected as human beings.

It is not an invention per se, like a wheel, a machine or a space shuttle. But nothing would have been accomplished without the written word and without sharing the knowledge from multiple people across multiple centuries.

Sometimes, the most important things are so simple. In this case that might be the ultimate truth, I cannot imagine a single thing that has shaped humanity so much as the written word.
Computer-Internet- is the best invention in the world as it improved everyother existing innovation in the world. It changed every other aspect of our life
Instant messaging is possibly the best thing that ever happened. It has kept people just with reach of each other with the help of a smartphone. Previously people lost contacts as they moved abroad or shifted to a different locality in search of job. Instant messaging though has some disadvantages has helped sustain certain family connections.
  1. Wheel
  2. Printing press
  3. Communication
  4. Steam Engine
  5. Refrigeration
  6. Automobile
  7. Light bulb
  8. Computer
  9. Internet