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Aliens arrive on earth and declare we get to ask them one question. What would you ask?

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An alien civilisation would probably never let us ask anything, and probably preemptively destroy us.
"There are 2 axioms of cosmic civilization: 1. Each civilization's goal is survival, and 2. Resources are finite. Like hunters in a "dark forest", a civilization can never be certain of an alien civilization's true intentions. The extreme distance between stars creates an insurmountable "chain of suspicion" where any two civilizations cannot communicate well enough to relieve mistrust, making conflict inevitable. Therefore, it is in every civilization's best interest to preemptively strike and destroy any developing civilization before it can become a threat, but without revealing their own location, thus explaining the Fermi paradox."

PS: Do read the series Remembrance of Earth's Past ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remembrance_of_Earth%27s_Past ) for a deep exploration of this scenario.
I would like to understand their transportation technology. This would include their plane/spaceship, boating, submarine and land/car technology.

The goal here is once we can travel to other places at faster speeds we can understand and learn other things like better medical tech.

Even here on earth we still have a lot to learn about deep sea marine life.
Hey, they earth is too big but why do you keep on landing only in the US and area 51?
How did you make us?
Just one question?

Can you take me with you?

Survival Always Comes First

So my first Question would be

Are you here just for a Visit? If you have Any plans to Destroy Earth, you cannot do that because we have Nuclear Weapons.
There is a Sentence in Kannada
"A Snake Should just hiss even it doesn't have tooth to protect itself"👏👏✌️
I Don't Know wheather we can Kill them or Not but we have to Do it.

If Aliens are Here just to know Humans, My questions Would Be??

1. Do you have Technology for Time Travel 🤖?
2. Do you wanna try Food On Earth?
3. How did you Find Earth and can I travel to Your Planet for a Visit.🤩
I'd ask them the following question:
  • How does your society work - how do you govern yourself?
"Show Me What You Got"

Why are you here?
When Lambo When Moon When Bull of BTC 😁