8 months ago

Before social media blew up, what did you do with your time?

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I used to play outside a lot, watch cartoons, listen to music, play video games, learn new computer tricks etc etc....
We used pencil and paper.
We captured memories with Polaroid cameras. 
When we had an issue we turned to therapy, not Facebook.
We had more time. Time for reading books, time for creating things with our hands.
Time to clear our minds.
Time to value and appreciate relationships.
Video Games duh - what is this social media you speak of?
I spent quality time with friends, watched tom and Jerry and played games (Nintendo, Sega and PlayStation). It was really fun.
I believe we were more educated back then. There weren’t algorithms determining what we should and should not know. Just because I was curious about one thing didn’t mean that’s all I cared about. Now if I Google something it’s the only thing fed to me in the background of social media platforms.
Watch sports, TV, Movies, spend time with my GF
Even after the SocMed blowup... i STILL do my Reiki Meditations...!!!
1. Play music
2. Fishing
3. Reading
4. Play volleyball
I am still doing those things today 😊
I was in school, used to come home, and go out to play with my friends,
(Actually play, not computer games and stuff)

Sometimes I used to read story books, and do some occasional chit chats with elder people, once I got back home, and yeah thats it pretty much.

Life was much simpler when there was no social media.
Reading books