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Best argument for why Bitcoin will eventually become the global reserve currency?

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Bitcoin will become the global reserve currency, because it is:
Fungible, 1 Bitcoin = 1 Bitcoin
Durable, lasts forever
Portable, can carry it anywhere even in your brain
Divisible, 100,000,000 Satoshis in each BTC
Secure, cannot be counterfeited
Transactable, settlement network that can process 500,000 transactions/day
Programmable, computers/ai can spend and store it natively
Look no further than what is happening in Venezuela , at one point 1 USD was the equivalent to 5 Bolivar's and now 1 USD is now worth about 3500 Bolivars this hyper inflation cannot happen with bitcoin, and there is no way that this will not be globally adopted at some point.
Bitcoin is not the new gold  and currently i don’t even consider it money. At best, Bitcoin is currently a store of value and at worst a speculative asset.
Bitcoin is decentralized and valuable because of its store of value, just like gold. Bitcoin represents itself an upgraded version of gold. (Digital currency and digital gold). Bitcoin would be separated from other cryptos' likening the apex to gold on the cryptocurrency periodic table because bitcoin is the only sure viable store of values in the cryptocurrency periodic table. The more people use bitcoin the more it's value. Its going to be the "single currency” of both the internet and the world (international currency of the world or global reserve currency).
Besides, bitcoin has won the digital gold race.
Bitcoin could be used globally, it is boarderless without distance barrier. Being a blockchain technology makes the security firm and transparent. In addition, everything is changing to digital which includes currency.
At this point I cant really say bitcoin will be a replacement for Gold but what it is certain is blockchain which is the underlying technology has shown significant growth and therefore cryptocurrency will definitely be a huge hit one way or the other some crypto will store value as opposed to gold
The crypto system will offer higher returns for less risk and depositors will increasingly vote with their feet
Because the world needs a global currency with the collapse of so many economies around the world this will be a good way to stop it from happening!
When Jamie Dimon from JP Morgan started talking negative, some people thought that was the end of the begining for Bitcoin. Fast forward a year, and now JP morgan is creating their own cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin and bitcoin trading pairs is the entry and exit to most digital/crypto currencies.
There is no other currency that is so distributed than Bitcoin. The influence and power in Bitcoin is distributed among several entities. So no company or government can stop it.

Since January 2009 this massive network has been growing and evolving like nothing we ever seen.

Hacker and Institutions have been trying to stop it. They have finally realized, they have no choice but to join in, and help build the technology.
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