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Best method to store cryptocurrencies

I already know that a paper wallet is a safe method. What I would like to know is the criteria that you adopt to create and keep safe sensitive information.

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I think it lot depends on how you want to use your stored cryptocurrencies and your preferred method for storing critical information

  • For long-term investment: If you are storing cryptocurrencies for long-term investment like 3-10 years then, you should keep your secret key written on a paper inside a bank locker.

  • For short-term investment: In case you are investing only for a year or less or want to keep your funds accessible for quick sell, then hardware wallets like nano ledger would be a great choice.

  • For day-traders: If you are playing with huge money, then keep at least 60-75% in your hardware wallet and rest of it you can keep it divided across good exchange platforms like binance, huobi, bittrex etc. as they provide better security measures than other digital wallets.
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Hardware wallets are the best.

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For Storing CryptoWallet

I think Keystore and Hardware wallet is the Best. If you cannot get Hardware Wallet please login using Keystore File.

Always use secure browsers that don't promote Ads.

Hardware wallets make it convenient as paper wallets require more manual work. I recommend ledger nano S as it supports a lot of coins.

I use hardware wallet Trezor and I think this is the best way to store crypto-currencies.

A regular mobile app will do...

Just dont click any suspicious links to avoid phishing!!

Be smart!


I think we'll soon have a lot of options in smartphones with in-built hardware wallet. That would be the best option if you want to carry a secure but portable crypto wallet.

Hard wallet.

Ledger Nano (around $100) or Ledger Blue if you can afford it (around $400).

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Paper wallet

Under your mattres. Hands down safest method.