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Best tricks you used to make significant profits in crypto?

  1. Would love to hear Loopholes, Tricks, Strategy, Luck etc.
  2. Mention amount if its ok.
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The Strategies would be some of the similar technical chart reading ways you use for the stock market. like watching the Volumes of trades on a move up or down. Waiting for the chart to hit low and test the again on high volume before you buy. also divide the amount you want to trade in four or five amounts. As the coin drops try invest 2%, 8%, 16%, 24% and invest 50%(when down75 to 90 percent down).

Just to be clear the 2, 8, 16, 24, and 50% is percent of you total investment. This would also coincide with the amount that the coin is down. As mention above wait to 75 percent to 90 percent down before you invest 50%.

This in not investment advice. Just a strategy that I've heard the wall street types talk about. Don't try to day trade with this. It's really for longterm investment, after you done you research into the coin.


Buy Low, HODL, Sell High.

Well, I Used to buy high amounts of new coins, i once bought a coin which was 0.02$ when it first launched, in a matter of hours it rose by 411%, Yep 4x in hours, in 3 weeks it was 0.31$ per coin, i invested 19$, got to almost 500$ in 3 weeks.

Buy Bearish and Sell High is Everyone's Motto. People often fail to bearish and Bullish trends.

Buy Low value Coins and you can make More Profit.

Ex : Buy now XLM at 0.1000$ and sell after 20 days you will get profit somewhere between 15 to 30%.

Buy at low and HODL

Yes I believe in luck. I know about loophole methods which is in use in crypocurrency

Trick is monitor everything to analyse upcoming trends. Analyzing charts also give more ideas. But while monitoring mainly focus on Open, CLose, High Low along with volume of buy orders. For specific time frame.

am just buying and selling for trend . also just hold for few month get good return.

Pump n dumps

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