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Combat sports and permanent damages

There is talk of a correlation between the impacts on the face of combat sports practitioners and degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's (well known is the case of Muhammad Ali).

What is your opinion on this?
Do you practice any combat sports?
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There was a truly great column about this a while ago, I'd post it but it is in Croatian so you wouldn't understand anything.

It was about NFL, about lying to players about consequences of practicing it and about complete lack of support and guidance for them after their careers. They did excessive research on that topic and came to a conclusion that players who practice sports with concussion risks have 90+% more chance to have lasting brain damage, especially in later years. They were talking mostly about Alzheimers and Parkinsons diseases.

I think they are right, these sports really are dangerous. We have reached a time where professional sport is definitely not healthy for the body, the constant pressure to be better, faster and stronger makes these athletes push too hard and ultimately, pay the price for that later.
Unfortunately, until all members of the community have equal access to opportunities, we will take risk. In this case, a risk to earn a living competing for a very amount of money.

So might say it worth it. Others might even says, that's their only way out. In some cases it no doubt, their passion to entertain and perform.

Other with less training and skill, are trying to make a quick buck. Sometimes it ends with a lost of life.
So I guess the only question is, is it, worth it.
That is obviously the truth. Our brain is in a closed „shell” called skull, and it floats in a small amount of cerebrospinal fluid to prevent any damages when moving head for example. In case of being hit hard in your head/face there is a lot of energy going through which makes the brain tossue simply hitting our hard skull. It is easy to spot an ex-boxer or MMA fighter not only due to deformed nose bit also from special way of speaking. Regularly getting hit may cause multiple small intracranial haemorrhages which are usually asymptomatic, but eventually when accumulated may lead to various malfunctions of this really delicate tissue. Our cells have some abilities to regenerate, even the nervous cells but the process is really long and only slightly efficient.

I'm sure they do all those studies for formality purposes. It doesn't take a genius to know that a career that involves getting your head get hit repeatedly can somehow cause permanent damage to it.
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