2 years ago

Decentralized or Centralized? Which suited you the most?

Just state which profile suited you the most. And why?
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Decentralized World


  1. Equal Distribution of Resources.
  2. Equal Opportunity for all.
  3. Distribution of Power centers.
  4. Power of making Decision
  5. No misuse of Power
  1. Takes the way of Survival of Fittest.
  2. The power is making decisions by each individual leads to formation of Groups with Common Interest, which may be bad for organisation.
  3. Sometimes it leads to CHAOS.

Complete Decentralization is not Good for anything.Because humans work better when they are under control of Managers.
Many decentralized solutions are forced, and distributed ledger are not so efficient. I think that for many use cases decentralized system are far way better but we can't generalize, my answer is it depends. Said that I really like decentralized platforms where everyone shares the profits and there is not a single or few managers.
As of today it is centralised. Decentralised platforms are at its early stages and have many drawbacks. So maybe in future, Decentralised platforms will be more convenient.
To be honest, in terms of convenience, I found a centralized profile more suitable. But slowly, with time, I am adapting to a Metamask world of decentralized profile as well.
There's some cases where it's ok to have centralization, but we are in the crypto space because we feel the need for decentralization and to be able to not trust another entity.
Decentralized is best suited for everyone inn this world. It provides work for everyone and source of income for everyone. So Decentralized world is a better place to live.