6 months ago

Did you know how Masmic Referral Program works?

Masmic Referral Program rewards only quality referrals. In simple words - "You earn around 5.5% of your referred user earnings on any bounty. Everytime, for a lifetime!"

Number of invites allowed per user have now been increased from 10 to 20. Currently, invitations/referrals are allowed only through email ids on Referral Page.

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Thanks for the info, but when is Masmic becoming a public platform?

It's a dope app i think.

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That's a very cool feature! thanks dev team.

I send a message to lot of trusted people, I'm pretty sure a lot of them will join the platform...

Yes, I know how it works. But the problem is nowadays there are so much referral programs that rarely anyone will click on the ref. link I post on the Twitter. That's really unfortunate because there are plenty of really good projects (like Masmic), but people just look trough those ref. links.

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it's good that you allow it for a lifetime. That should make a real difference to the growth of the community.

I do and I try to take the most of it. Viva la MASMIC!

I know how it works but none of my referrals are active at the moment which is unfortunate