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Do you feel that Masmic could someday become a sustainable source of earning passive income online?

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To be honest, not really. Even now when there's a low number of people included, the rewards are usually really low. The rewards will probably still remain the same when Masmic gets traffic, and it will be much harder to place your posts into top rated (rewarded) category then.

Posting the post that gets rewarded will be extremely difficult and time-consuming, so I feel that the value for money calculation will not be really good there.

But let's concentrate on what Masmic can be. It can be a great place for social interaction and exchanging of ideas where the reward is more a recognition of your effort than a monetary 'payment'.

I, for one, know I will keep using it. It is fun so far and we as humans need social interaction. Masmic is on a good way to provide one.


Not yet, the rewards are high in XLM Values but very low in USD Values, even though, i always post and wait for the reward with excite, it doesn't matter if the money is good what matters that this has a loyal community.

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I don't think so. If the rewards would get higher, more people would start flowing in trying to squeeze the most out of the system which would defeat the purpose and somewhat ruin the sit and its original purpose, which is interacting with others freely. A similar thing happened on steemit.

Then again, who would have thought that ask.fm "personalities" for example could make an online business of them answering questions for people, so it's really difficult to say at this point. 


Maybe. Depends on how masmic is going to be structured. I don't think you can make significant amount of money by just answering questions. But if you were to put a youtube sort of system where you earn more depending on how many people found your answers helpful etc it might be interesting. Also, you can have category wise moderators who can get rewards for choosing the right answers and flagging the wrong/spam ones. These moderators can be users who have been focusing on certain categories and providing expert answers on specific subjects. There can be a system for users to grow from novice to SME to Moderator level thereby reducing the need to employ moderators for masmic.

If you can somehow increase the engagement levels and reward people for different types of appropriate engagements it can be more interesting.

I don’t think I have been participating long enough to really answer the question, but it looks like the amount paid per person per question would have to be quite a bit higher,

at least for where I live, to be a sustainable source of passive online income.


Every is an expert/professional in something. I think if mamic.com could refine the way they get answers to difficult quest, people will pay. However it important that they make it easy for the requester to pay. That payment does not alway have to be in hard currency. It could be a gift card code from a popular shop.

However it important that the listings are easy to find, also the design and layout of the site/ app is very important

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Yep, well, if the payout rate gets higher this will def become an income source, like 50-80$ a month.

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Passive Encome - Yes

Masmic cannot be main Source of Income. I don't know how would Masmic evolve in future. If rewards are going to increase in future it would a Good Source passive income.

I don't think so but if I believe one should be rewarded for giving original and quality answers.

Just my 0.1 XLM.

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