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Do you know real world usecase(s) of private blockchain? Which ones?

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I believe You are Talking about Monero, Zcash and 🅼🇮🅼🇧🅻🇪🆆🇮🅼🇧🅻🇪 blockchain Protocol
Are the Two coins that have Implemented Protocol and many more Coins to come in Future.

GRIN coin is a Privacy Coin which is 💯% Untracable and BEAM has Given Options for selectively Implementing Privacy.

Use Cases : Most of the Privacy Coins are coins that are used for Shady Business or for Receiving funds from Unknown sources. But I don't want anyone to Know what is the Value of My Account and how much I'm sending to Others. So Public In general Will Use this Coin more in Future.

Use Cases :

1. Privacy Concern Common People.
2. For Receiving funds from Secret Sources Ex: Like Pakistan may Fund Terrorist Organizations but it doesn't want any coin with it, so in this Case Pakis can use this Coin.
3. For Evading Tax . Many People are accepting Crypto as Money for their Work, so they can choose to Evade Tax.
4. No Need of Swiss Banks In Future. Black Money can be Very easily stored in Crypto Form. Miners will sell coins Without any KYC or Regulation if You them more Price.

We all Blockchain is all about Privacy and Decentralization. But there is no need for Intense Privacy Provided by Grin. I Expect Crypto Regulations In Different Countries may lead Ban on these Coins. So I would Definitely Advise not to 🇭 🇴 🇩 🇱 Grin Coin.

IBM- Hyperledger and Mersk in supply chain management.Hope this link helps for details
Following are some real use case of blockchain:

Blockchain technology can be applied to identity applications in the following ..... use cases and help to find out which of them can be a good fit for blockchain ... like do we need private blockchain or connect with existing ones 
Corporate Distributions of Funds

To keep track of which groups or departments receive funds and to keep it accountable. A public ledger that would be only viewable internally.
Do not know.
I just heard this time
Private blockchain is what banks are starting to use for moving money around.
1) Supply chain management
2) Protecting digital identity
3) Smarter predictive analysis
4) Health care
5) Energy
6) Land title registration
Border patrol can use blockchain effectively to keep track of migration