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Do you listen to podcast(s)? How often?

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Podcasts are great. I listen podcasts when I am commuting. I mostly listen to indian podcasts.
Some of the podacast I listened recently
Above and Beyond Music Podcast - https://www.aboveandbeyond.nu
I do listen to podcasts and I really enjoy them.
I will admit it has been a while since my last one, I tend to go between podcasting and then audiobooks.
Lately I’ve been listening to audiobooks, and reading a paperback.
I will be catching up on podcasts soon, I also like podcasts that do short sci-fi or other types of story telling as well as comedic podcasts.
I am frequent podcast listener. I would say at least five of six times a week
some of my favorites are the NPR podcast. Laura Shin also has two great podcast. Kevin Rose also has a great podcast on tech related shows.
Yes ! Maybe once in a week
No, the last time I listened to a podcast was last year on a plane ride.
I used to listen them but not getting enough time now.