Do you practice meditation? Have you experienced any benefits?

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I will Explain How I have Felt in

Simple Logical Manner.

Imagine Your are a Computer with your RAM and Strorage as Brain(Obviously). Then with time you will have Junk Files Accumulated in your RAM which will be slowing down all Activities and Thinking with No Clarity.
It feels like Meditation Clears RAM of our Brain and Makes space for More thinking and Clear thinking .

That's Logical.

Spriritual Way

Yoga and Meditation go Hand in Hand.

Yoga is for Physical wellbeing and Mental Peace. Yoga is for the body it's like first step or Bridge Course before Starting Meditation. You cannot Start Meditation Right away and See results.

First Body Needs to be in Good Shape and Health only after Achieving Metal Peace then Comes the Meditation to Travel Towards Yourself(Real Peace).

According to Saints and Experts Meditation is for the Mind, to elivate Aatma through series of Chakras and Body is the Instrument ( Sadhana)

Benefits of Meditation

Caution : Don't Ever Join a 14$ Courses which Says we will teach you Meditation in 10 days.

Yoga and Meditation is like a Sport,you get better Day by Day with Practice and Dopamine Kick will Motivate you to make it a Habit.

Practice with Guru in Starting and later on Refer Books by
1.B.K.S. iyengar
2. YOGA Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff
3. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

You can Buy it or Just Downloads PDF.
I try practice transcendental meditation twice per day. The benefits I've experienced are that it allows me to "clear some space" in my head. All of the thoughts, worries, and problems seem to slow down and it allow me work through them calmly. It also has allowed me to become less reactive. Instead of acting or speaking without thinking, I am much more comfortable taking a moment to express myself clearly. Finally, 20 minutes of TM makes me feel like a I took a great nap and it helps me feel better all throughout the day.
Yes I do practice Meditation once in a week.

It is really helpful to bring your Stress down.

The mind, heart, and  body can  improve with regular  meditation .
"The relaxation response [from  meditation ] helps decrease metabolism, lowers blood pressure, and improves heart rate, breathing, and brain waves," you can feel reduced Tension as the  body  receives a quiet message to relax.
I have practiced it. The most use full benefit of doing meditation is INSTANT RELIEF FROM STRESS. Take a few deep breaths, in and out.
meditation has is nothing but a physiological change in ou body, the movement when we take deep breaths, we take in more OXYGEN, which is then taken into blood and distributed to all the bood tissue cells.

Which give a huge benefits.
I would say meditation in a calm and open environment does help a bit. I have experienced it. But in crowded places like homes in citoes, I doubt it's efficiency. It does relax the body to a certain extent and refreshes mind too.
Sometimes, but not enough. Along with the obvious physical benefits of relaxing your muscles, clearing you mind is the best. When all the stress starts to fade, great positive ideas come.
I have in the past, hasn't really done anything noticeable
Yes I DOOO!!!

Meditating is like a stress and bad vibes detoxifier. It really helps me in decision making and resetting my so tangled brain haha. The most effective way in meditation is having a 5-10 mins complete silence.