Do you support the idea of Universal Basic Income? Why or why not?

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I don't Support this and I support this.

I remember this from Elon Musk's Speech in Dubai. Elon Musk has Supported this because he thinks AI gonna take away Jobs and People will have nothing else to do.

Why I Support this?

  1. As said by Elon Musk if Tech advancements take away Jobs then there should be something done, so that people make their Daily Living.
  2. UBI restores faith in people, that Govt will take of them.
  3. Some people only know 1 or 2 jobs that they do regularly all their life for Food.
  4. There will be No fear of where should I earn income.

Why I don't Support This??

  1. Everyone knows that Laws are made by the Rich for the poor, so to implement the idea of Universal Basic Income, Govt will Tax Working Class more. If Govt makes plan to Get Money from Riches, that replaced Humans with Machines then I don't have anything to Complain.
  2. This Could lead to Huge Scam in Some way( mark those words).
  3. Working Class Gets Demotivated ( Already Fedup).
A UBI creates a groundwork for capitalism to succeed. Right now there is a fundamental inequality built into the system. Starvation is one hell of a tool for coercion, so that the employer always has the upper hand. With a UBI the average worker can hold out for work that treats them fairly
If AI does displace the majority of the workforce then UBI willl be necessary

Of course I support it
No, most definitely not.

I think that, simply put, some people deserve more than others. Some people work their asses off, learn, grow, experience, take risks, all that so they can improve their life. These are the people that are pushing the society forward , if we take that impulse from them they will not have an incentive to do so.

I will go so far as to say that I do not want people to have even the bare minimum without putting some work in. Everything in life has to be earned in order to be appreciated and we are already getting so much from this world for free. So, I would like us to stop dreaming about the easy way out and actually start doing something that is meaningful.

If machines will take some of our work (especially the heavy work), that would be great. But then it is time to search for something new to do, not to sit down and enjoy free food that the machines are making. That would deteriorate the society and ultimately lead to our doom.
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Yes. Not because I think it's a good idea though.

I support trying new concepts. Universal Basic Income is an idea that has no precedent to base it off of. We cannot say if it is a good or bad idea because it's never been tested conclusively. I'm not saying it's a good idea, I'm simply saying it's an idea worth exploring.

Of course not all new ideas are worth trying of course. The difference though is that UBI is an idea that aims to remedy issues in modern society that are and will be hugely important to all of mankind in the future. It's rooted in helping everyone in the population and has a justifiable goal. Whether or not the means to that end is UBI or not, well that's a debate that we can have until we are blue in the face but we can't know until we try it!
I probably would have said no previously, at this point I would say yes.
The people that don’t fit into the “workforce”, which doesn’t exist as it used to anyway, would be more productive if they had their very basic needs met.
Otherwise you are just promoting poverty, or crime, no one should suffer in abject poverty their whole life because a family member or parent got sick, so the medical bills lost them their house.
A universal basic income has the word basic in it meaning a base income for your most basic needs. Paying water, food electric, and rent, there really wouldn’t be much more than that, I think almost everyone would want to invest a little in themselves to make a few extra dollars from a hobby or something else that they would like to do to earn something extra. People are generally entrepreneurial.
Also there have been a few studies and trials where universal basic income improves communities.