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Do you use any fitness apps? Which ones?

Need recommendations.

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I have used My Fitness Pal. It gives you the calories required to reach your goal. Besides you can enter all your meal details with number of servings you had. It will give you calorie calculations of your intake and your daily mineral requirements as well. There is option to add your friends as well. Overall it is a good app and the free subscription is enough to start with.

I like Jefit. They have tons of programs already in, or you can make your own. It walks you through your workout, has a rest timer, and preloads your lifts with what you lifted last time (so you don't accidently not overload).

and I haven't noticed if there are built in workouts, but I like Strong. I just find ones online I like and create it as a new workout in the app.

C25K if you're new to running or wanting to be better.

Strava for outdoor activities.

I used to use Fitbit app paired with a fitbit charge+. It's a good app but I tend to be overzealous if my activities are tracked, ruining all the good that a system like that do. Luckily I'm an active person and I manage to control my training and my diet by myself.

1. Keep trainer Workout

2. 30 day Fitness challenge are the apps that I have used upto this day.

These apps serve you as a Good Guide for Workouts but one thing Annoys me constantly that is GOOGLE ADS.


MyFitnessPal is great, but my recommendation is getting a fitbit and competing with friends for most steps taken. They have a great UI and many different options, but when I set up a competition with friends to try and get the most steps in and the loser had to go vegetarian for a week. That motivates you like crazy and we were burning upwards of 4000 calories a day just to get steps in (around 20-30k a day)

I am using official Misfit application. I belive it only works with Misfit fitness bands and smartwatches. Has all the usual bells and whistles. It works mainly as a step counter but you can tag different activities like football, swimming, etc and then algorithams tweak your results for better precision. It shows steps, kilometers (miles) and calories burned. You can use it for sleep tracking as well and has some nice social media aspects where you can compete with friends.

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I use a terrific app for mobile called Sweatcoin. It rewards you for walking, and gives you coins which you can use to spend on items in the app, such as audio books, clothes, healthy food. Basically, why not earn something for your walking.

Chck it out in this link: https://sweatco.in/


I use only one fitness app which keeps track of my weight. Unluckily it doesn’t train for me...

i use my room mate as he is a gymnast :)