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Do you use Quora? Why or why not? If yes, how frequently?

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Yes, I use Quora though not that frequently , but I go there only to consume. I have noticed lots of writers are actually putting up lots of efforts there giving the solution. And since it is an old and widely spread platform, we have answer to most of the questions available there. Few things which I personally found very interesting about Quora are:

1. We have a search bar where we can type our question or related words, and most of the time I get something to relate to.

2. We have an option to ask or answer questions anonymously , which give freedom to writers or consumers to ask anything without being judged as we know lots of people are there who are not very open to express what they actually think in public.
Usually only when I have questions that I need answered or when Google shows it as an answer.
I don't think there is a right or wrong answer to your question.

Some people generally prefer comprehensive and complete answers, which is not to say that a long answer is necessarily a good one.

Others prefer short, sweet and concise answers that get directly to the point.

It is unknown what the split between these two groups are.

It's kind of like asking if too many foods at restaurants contain too much salt.

It boils down to personal preference and taste, I think, but it sounds to me that you are part of the group the prefers short answers.

Personally, I don't think one group should be judging the other or that there is one 'right' way to write an answer.
I sometimes view Quora but I have never answered a question on there. I don’t view that often because sometimes I feel like I can a better answer elsewhere at Youtube or Reddit. There is just more answers on those two sites I feel.
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I use quora a lot... mostly as a passive consumer. I do answer questions on a few topics, but the topics are often so broad that I can be an "expert" in a topic and have no clue. For example: I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and I am listed as an expert as I have lived here for many years and know a lot about the place. Most of the questions I get are specifics about immigration programs and laws, the majority of which have very little to do with what a local would know, and actually should be under an immigration category.

I do however answer questions about martial arts a decent amount, and about databases a lot less.

It's an interesting platform, but it's also kind of... well... crappy.
No. Mostly because whenever I find questions there, the answers tend to sound and look like sponsored answers packed to brim with as many keywords as possible.

Which is not a bad thing per se IF it answers the question, which most of the times it does not.
Irrespective of how advanced technology gets, Google sometimes just doesn't give us the right results and that's where Quora comes into picture for I guess most of us. Again here the frequency will depend on searches of such sorts.
I use quora only when i want personal advice from anyone.
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One Plus 6T and Google Pixel 3

Benefits of One Plus 6T

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Cons :
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Google Pixel 3

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Privacy Policies of Google

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