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Do you use Reddit? What do you like the most about it?

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Everyday and everynight.

Each time I come across a friend who doesn't use Reddit I actually cannot easily explain what Reddit is. Like I would go on describing all the features there are: discussions, aggregation, personalised feeds and subscriptions etc. But at the end of the day it's really difficult to define Reddit since it has so many features. I am mostly using Reddit for discussions, and rarely as a social media aggregator. I don't get my news from Reddit and I still prefer a FB/Twitter feed when I follow people or magazines I like. I was wondering what others are using Reddit for. Is it more of an aggregator for you or a discussion platform? What is more engaging?

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Thats the thing: I don't enjoy it too much. I'm not also using it too much. There isn't nothing particularly that I dislike about it, it just is an outdated looking popular platform. While it certainly carries a lot of information, jokes and anything in between that you might find interesting, that is for me also the downside of it. This isn't against Reddit but I like to spend my time being productive and Reddit is full of things interesting to you but not necessarily of any importance and so it drives me away from doing something productive.

After this rant it truly is an awesome platform regardless of my personal preferences and it does carry a purpose for me. I use it to follow my favourite crypto projects and get their daily news broadcasted for me. This is an important feature and serves a great purpose. So I'm not missing out on anything important happening in this fast paced business.

I discovered Masmic through reddit. Some people still don't know but Reddit has almost everything under the sun. Whenever I need to check on something new, I go to Reddit before going to other sites.

Reddit is great because it has a large amount of niche community pages. What makes this work is that each group is managed by the community members of that page, not Reddit.

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Users (also called redditors) able to browse and can submit content on the Internet links or their original or posts about the user submits the text. Other users can vote posted links to high or low, score prominent links will be on the front page. In addition, the user can reply to comments posted links and other commentators, thus formed an online community. Reddit users can create their own thesis part, to post links and commentary, like Reddit users submit formal of informal, like community.

I use reddit often. You can find anything on there. Usually, when I search on google, I just add the word 'reddit ' at the end.

Well not in terms of the UI. There old UI was very rubbish (my initial thoughts), there new UI is very slow.

I like The communities (sub-reddits) and its content, not the look and feel. Plus the Reddit Gold is kind of cool to own.

Plus the random experiments they do (eg Place, Button) are fun.

I use reddit and what I like the most about it is how you can find a community based around nieche topics. You're into building toy spaceship battles in your backyard in artificial vacuum inside a dog's dream? There's a subreddit for that. This is what the internet is really great at, connecting people with similar interests.

I like the niches that can be found on Reddit: communities based on very particular aspects. You can literally find anything.

I also find that the quality of the speeches that can be made is quite high even if the platform is not too serious.

I like how open it is and it's just addicting because you can get a community together that share similar interest