10 months ago

Do you use Twitter? Why or why not?

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Yes of course. Here is my Twitter Profile ABHIJIT KALE
and one more which I control DIGITAL BITCOIN .

I use Twitter to stay connected with World. Twitter is one the great tool used in social media marketing, also a great microblogging tool ever used by world's most important person, government, organisation and beurocrats to keep connected and updated to their followers.

Twitter also offer instant targeted traffic to your targeted niche in matter of seconds.

In addition Twitter offer API data to analyze trends and users interest. This advanced feature currently used by major advertising, publishing agencies and individuals also to reach to mass audience.

Twitter also offer verified profiles to individual and organisations to increase users trust.

Overall Twitter is great platform over internet to grab attention of users in strategic way according to me in digital marketing perspective.
I use Twitter, its a great platform for interacting with new people and generate debate online. Its mouldable to everyones personal use - loads of memes are available on there. Viral tweets are usually a hilarious thing (I dont see as many viral posts on another platform). People use it for work/professional purposes. Others for their own interests (e.g. following their music preferences). I like it for news and political analysis.

Either way I think its a great platform people can use to their own preferences - as a social network should be!
I only use it when someone links to a tweet or I get the urge to see if a particular person has an opinion on something that just happened.

I don't like the format. 99% of the time, I don't want to now what your most recent thought was, I want to know what the best thought you had in a given time period was. I'm more attracted to media that has user voting services like Reddit, Vote, and Masmic;)
Yes I use Twitter .

The main reason of start using Twitter was Cryptocurrency updates as coins founder / owners are mainly announce their activities and roadmaps through Twitter.
Second reason is, following exchanges Twitter handle as it is very easy to get updates if you follow their Twitter handlers.

Yes I do. The reason i use it is to get information on airdrops through a lot of airdrop channels as well as to comply with the airdrop rule of following certain crypto projects
Yes, it's give me lots of information
Twitter, with all its faults, is probably the absolute fastest source to get up-to-date information.
not yet.....
i like use whatsapp
No, because i have LIFE.
I use it a little, honestly first for Amazon giveaways, then for crypto, now I use it fairly regular but not daily or a lot.