Have you ever gone on a solo trip? How was the experience?

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It was Kind of Accidental Solo Trip.

I go to my Native Very often, just to check out Farm and Cousins who leave there.

On Sunday I went there as the plan was only to spend 3 to 5 hours with them, there was sudden announcement of Whole India Bandh due to some issue and knew it would continuos 2 day Holiday.

So just to spend time I Went to Mahadeshwara Hills on a Bike Ride. All these days I went in Bus and I didn't know there are so many nice places to Stop.
I Stopped in the entrance of Mountain for a Tea, there was no one around the Tea stall and it was Huge thick Forest ahead. I was a Little afraid as there some bad news about Elephants. I took out mobile and Started taking Photos and there came some 🐒. Tea Stall was like friend time them, he made me give some Biscuits and Banana and the next second they were Searching my Bag for more and one Checking out my Hair.
From there on i knew it will very Risky Ride to Cross 7 Hills to Go to Temple, so I was very slow all the time. I never wanted to Stop in between but the beauty of Nature and Small water Falls made me Stop in the middle.
Finally after 3 hours I reached Temple. Went Inside and Prayer went on Very peacefully. It was already Evening and I was Tired so I stayed back there and came home the following day.

This One Picnic I won't forget and it motivates me to go Alone to near by places.

I enjoy it alone and it also feels weird without Friends in Trips.
When I travel alone, I get to explore the location more. Also going solo encourages you to meet new people. It's allows you to take the time and get to know someone new. If your traveling with someone else, you would tend to stay with them most of the time.

Getting to know locals, allows you to learn more about the place your in.
Yes haha solo trips are great, I was on a solo trip when I came to Costa Rica. I liked it so much I came back and I wound up meeting my wife here, now we have 2 kids and a blessed life!
Most of time.

Its self exploratory,analysing, enjoying world with calmness
Nobody to judge you, do whatever you want.

Overall its pretty cool

Yes, it was good.