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Have you played any fantasy sports game? How was your experience?

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Yes, I've played. Dream11 is good but quite boring and since there are no other formats that are considered legal in the country, I find every single one to be that boring. Apart from that , there's RealPSL[Quite innovative and allows converting rewards to different lucrative offers], there's FPL[Really good].

App links:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.thinkquant



These two make a perfect ecosystem in India for fantasy cricket. It takes a bit time to understand but the idea is interesting.

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I played Football Fantasy on Goal.com long time back. I was one of the most unluckiest player at that time. I played for about a week and was at the lowest among my friends. I rage quit the game and deleted my account. You can play on : https://fantasyfootball.goal.com/

I am bad in prediction games.

ProSports11 is the best Fantasy Cricket game.

Yes, fantasy football. It was bad

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I have not played any fantasy sports game yet. But what I heard is Dream11 is one of the most played game.