10 months ago

Have you read Sapiens? What's your review?

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I read it a while ago (2 or 3 years ago I think - when it just came out) and I remember it was a good read - interesting, makes you think and you are eager to keep on reading. It opens your eyes a bit and shows you that Earth has been here so much longer than us but it shows it in a fun, non-disturbing way.

It was interesting for me to see how we have evolved and tackled some important challenges in human development and puts in perspective how much further we have to go to even be deemed important in overall cycle of Earth existence.

The biggest drawback? I really did not take anything from it in a 'I evolved by reading this' way, most of the things from the book I have already forgotten. But from what I can remember, it was a fun experience and well worth a read. I still have it at home somewhere, maybe I will give it another go :)

I read it and I took the course based on the book on coursera too. A real eye opener for me and a very contemporary and fresh approach to history and anthropology. I loved it because I consider it achieves one of the goals of studying history, helping you find your place in the world by giving you a better perspective of why things are the way they are today.

I didn't read it and I didn't know the book, but following the link above I have to say that I'm very interested. I have, in my list of pending lectures, a book with a similar topic: "Il giro del mondo in 6 milioni di anni" by Guido Barbujani (EAN 9788815274205), the title translated is "Around the world in 6 million years", I quite sure it has not been translated in English though.
No and after reading comments here i would love to read it. Thanks for bringing up question here.