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How can I become creative?

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Pause the Brainstorming and Move Your Body.Though old-school business practice dictates group brainstorming as a powerful way to generate creativity, modern research has found that the group collective isn't always all it's cracked up to be. Instead, try new approaches to creative problem solving. Go for a walk. Physically move your body and consider your project problem from different locations. Physical movement has been shown to have a positive affect on creative thinking, just as theater pros suggest practicing lines in different poses and positions to generate new character approaches.

I read it somewhere and it changed my creative capabilities ... It goes like "Creativity comes by being attentive in a moment, it's all about how much you devote yourself into something"
Play music in the background. It would help you get creative. A day in the office can be filled with meetings and high priority items. Playing background music at my desk relaxes me and keeps me from being too serious all of the time. Being a designer, I find I am more open creatively when I am calm and can think clearly.
Firstly get into a habit of reading.. especially books which deal with unreal stories like harry potter.. those will give you the required spark and direction. then start on your own by not wandering too far from what you have read later after few practice stories you can try to graduate on to your own topics..

keep handing out your work to be read and get some critical reviews from people who you trust to have some sense about how a good story should be like and work on their feedbacks to know how much you have improved.. that's all there is to it.. at least for a start...!!!
You already are creative.

You probably just haven't fully discovered or given much time to things that bring that part of your personality out. There are a number of ways to experience this, and a number of things that can act as a creative 'block' - anything from the activity you are doing, the atmosphere and your frame of mind going into it, and even your general and mental health.

The thing about creativity is it can't be forced. You have to let yourself be naturally drawn to things - i.e., an art/film/music/photography style that peaks your interest, an instrument you've always wanted to play, expressive fitness like dance or martial arts, bullet-journaling, lucid dreaming - there are a billion different ways to express creativity. No one can tell you what yours are - it's something you'll continue to discover throughout your life.

That being said, the more time you invest into your creative interests, the better you'll get at recognizing when something seriously interests your creative side, and the more it will come naturally. The more you do it, the less you will hold back in your creativity, and you'll gradually be able to express deeper parts of your personality while refining your creative skills.

Hope this helps!
Work for a company that gives you freedom. In yoga, a guru sits in front of you, modeling and correcting poses for the class, but they can also limit freedom. While workplaces have their org charts and chain of command, it's important for the individual to be their own guru, having the freedom to step away from norms and think outside of the box. It's on all members of a team to let each other be their own guru, and to let creative ideas flow naturally.

Ask lots of questions
Why not
What is other way

Etc you will find yourself creative

Doodle Something. ...
Sign Up for a Class in Something You've Never Done Before. ...
Create the Right Environment. ...
Pause the Brainstorming and Move Your Body. ...
Start a Sketchbook. ...
Keep Toys on Your Desk. ...
Engage in Flash Fiction. ...
Try the 30 Circles Test
Spend alot of time thinking about up lifting stuff..than smoke alot of weed