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How can one develop a habit of daily meditation?

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First, you need to get a purpose why you to want to take up meditation then you can use below tips:

*First, select a suitable place for your regular meditation
*Then, establish a regular time to practice
*Find a posture on the chair or cushion
*Bring your attention to feel the sensations of your breathing
*After a few breaths, your mind will probably wander.
*As you sit, let the breath change rhythms naturally,
Below are the few tips how one can make himself habitual of doing meditation.

  1. Know Why You Want to Take Up Meditation.
  2. Start Small.
  3. Set Up Your Environment To Help You.
  4. Choose a Meditation Method.
  5. 6. Make Meditation a Fun.
  6. Find a Way to Hold Yourself Accountable.
  7. Do It Every Day regularly.
My trick to develop mediation is not sitting and focusing on breath. It what wanders my mind.
My concept of mediation is doing what you love e.g. painting, running ,singing with intense focus (which is obvious as you love it). As you go through it , feeling is great ,I can not explain just try it and tell me!

Do what you like regularly and this results in regular mediation.

Hope this helps you
Number 1 rule- you need to remember that you have to meditate. if you are not coing to remember you are going to skip it . so just put a alaram reminder for your suited time. Mostly in the morning. Alaram 7/365 days. it should be on.
2- sit down and meditate immediately
3- Headspace app is the best for starting and learning to meditate
First of all you need to decide that you will live an easier life with peace. You need to wake up early, eat well and healty, you shouldn't drink or smoke and go to bed early..
By first taking a firm decision and then setting up a 21 day goal with a small self reward for achieving it 👍😊
by means of patience and feeling calm to blend with nature.
just focus on only one thing
keep your mind clean and free
You have to decide and stick to a consistent meditation schedule first and create a relaxful meditation space for yourself. Also you should keep it simple.

By doing it consistently? There's really no other answer that applies to everyone.