7 months ago

How did you find Masmic.com?

Tell me from where did you get to know about Masonic.com?

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I first discovered it through Reddit app when there was a Medium article about Masmic.

On Reddit, while reading an article about projects that migrates to Stellar network. Masmic was mentioned as one of the first to use XLM.

Through Stellar subreddit.

Good question, it must have been a while ago cause I don't even remember.

Through my Twitter feed

i had an invitation link in my gmail box



@ringmaster posting about the platform.

I use KoinOK and found through their TG . I was amazed how they used to process deposit / withdrawals in less than 30 minutes ,when all other exchanges had literally stopped INR transactions .

Well,I was searching for a site to write answers as well as some money so I was browsing slavelabour on Reddit and found this and signuped :)

Twitter feed