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How did you get into cryptocurrency and blockchain?

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One of my friend told me about the Bitcoin in 2012 and he was using it in some online games to buy/sell weapons and armours. I was making fun of with him that time.. In 2016 i came into cryptocurrency market and i was late.. My friend had more than 7.000 BTC on 2017 and i haven't spoken with him since than.

Blockchain developers are not in supply and are in high demand. The job of developing blockchain distributed ledgers for businesses was found to be the most growing sector. The payouts for a blockchain-developer engineer positions are accordingly high when compared to other software design engineers.

Developers with working knowledge and experience with iterations specific to blockchains such as Hyperledger Composer or Solidity are in great demand, and the demand spurs great payouts and salaries. Solidity tool is used to develop smart contracts and Hyperledger Composer the OS blockchain using JavaScript while REST API enables a codeless development of business networks. Etheruem framework knowledge is also highly appreciated. According to the US firm Upwork, blockchain developers are charging 200$/hour.

Learning Institutions .

Working knowledge of Java and Python is desirable. The blockchain technology being relatively new many Universities have started offering courses connected to blockchain technology only recently. They now offer the following courses:
  • Cryptocurrency design and engineering by MIT
  • Bitcoin Engineering by Stanford University
  • Ethereum Developer Certified Training program by B9Lab
  • Courses by Mountain View
  • Courses by Blockchain University, California.

You can also learn online and on your own, attend programs conducted by Block apps, Consensys, Ethereum Foundation, Linux foundation or Hyperledger. India too is not far behind, and you can take up Fintech courses on blockchain technology.

An introductory course on Hyperledger would be right for entrepreneurs who are looking for business opportunities, business enterprises wishing to learn if blockchain technology can be adopted by them, people working in fintech startups and students who have just graduated hoping to land a job in the fintech sector.

Choose what you wish to explore

I came to know about BTC and Crypto Currencies in Aug 2017. One of my tem members told me about it. But we ignored. When IBM and stellar launched XLM, this news was published on IBM intranet portal and my interest was created as how to buy this. In Aug when Koinex was launch , I first naught XRP with INR and transferred to Bittrex to buy XLM . It was my first coin which I bought.

After XLM, I started buying some coins using Koinex , bitbns and Bittrex and so on...

It also created my interest in Blockchain technology and I did many certifications in Blockchain tech specific to Hyperledger fabric and Composer ..

I am still very bullish for BTC and some mainstream coins ..

Watching an episode of Mr. Robot in which a criminal had like 800 BTC in a website similar to Silk Road that Elliot shut down. I was like "how much is 800 BTC? there must be a lot because this guy is a lot pissed" :D
During the bull run of 2011 it seemed very intriguing to me.
I got into cryptocurrency in 2017 because of my friend who kept on insisting me to open a faucet account. I didn't know what bitcoin was then, only that it was some sort of digital money and i thought it was the only cryptocurrency.
My interest in it began in year 2014 after reading an article about it through Bitx now known as Luno. Since then, I have being buying as much as I can every month for the future.
I was unlucky and came into this worl in 2017 November.. I could sell my BTC from $17.500 but i didn't!! :/
I just started seeing a lot of news stories in 2011 about bitcoin starting to rise and i had heard of it previously but i figured i was too late to the party but as it just keep going up and up i began to read more about it and then i was hooked.