How do you learn to code?

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The best way of learn the coding is Google .

There are many free YouTube channels like Udemy, Edureka and portals like w3schools and tutorialspoint available free which are having a course for beginners to experts.

Online compilers are available where you can practice with each sessions.

The important point is you need to do all labs and practices simultaneously with sessions.

I learned VB,ASP , Python, Mobile Coding, Blockchain and other latest technologies only through Google.
Just three words !
Practice. Practice. Practice .

There is no shortcut but you can adopt smart ways to learn coding.

A few points to remember -
1. Why you want to code ?
2. Apply problem solving mindset.
3. Best way is to start building very small projects. It can be as small as building a calculator.
4. Read other people's code.
5. Choose programming language according to your needs. If you're a beginner start with python.
6. Use stack overflow to clear you doubts and errors. It has everything you need.
7. There are great YouTuber's providing free tutorials.
8. Drink water

I like video tutorials on coding like,
if you want lessons that are from universities try,

For great example from different developers join GitHub and follow individual coders.
The cool thing on GitHub is, you get to review the source code of some of the best.
First and foremost, you have to love it. If you wanna learn to code just because you heard that it's a well payed job, you probably won't have enough will power to learn it because it takes time. It's not just learning a programming language. You have to learn how to think like a coder. For a person who doesn't think like a coder, it can look silly to do things a coder has to do. I won't give any examples because I'm not sure if you do know how to code or not. Just remember - it's a job that you have to love doing. There's a good reason why a good coder is well payed.
It depends on person to person. Usually, when I have to learn anything new in coding (or when I initially started), it is always with a task. You are given a specific task to start with that you have to do. I follow these steps
  1. Search for a similar task and read a quick 20-30 min tutorial (this is pretty task specific)
  2. Read about the in depths of that language in a more elaborate blog series (like jenkov or dzone etc).
  3. Then you read about the concept and official docs as provided by the community.
  4. If you have further interest then may be read a book about it.
Usually most of the people stop at step 2 and follow step 3 when and as they encounter any challenge because its quite extensive and in detail (takes lots of time)
Agree to make project take advance spend it

Once your done with money you will automatically learn to code else you have to return the advance 😁
Of course via computer classes or some course.
I personally love to attend offline classes if i wanted to learn something like a boss!😉
From my teacher
Just try to make as many projects as you can taking help of internet , books or anything but create some good number of projects