How do you like to spend your free time?

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My whole free time is spend in only four activities.
  1. Online Multiplayer games - AOE, CS 1.6 etc.
  2. Online Chess - Chess on
  3. Masmic - You can see my activity
  4. Study - Regarding career development, Leisure reading, Random stuff.
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One of my favorite things to do when I have the free time a to take my son to the pool in town, and if there’s a possibility of the whole day, Well then I like to take the kids to the beach, they love to boogie board !

Another thing I like to do is to take a short drive and a walk somewhere nice, to photograph the sunset.

Wheather it's a Day break or just 40 min Break I tend to do these.
1. Check Price of Cryptocurrency
2. Checkout What's App Status of Friends ( Only Close Friends)
3. Sharing Best Time Tok Videos with Friends.
4. Take a Nap if I'm too Tired.
There are some of my favorite things which I do in my free time.

  • Learn / read something new from technology point of view from Google/YouTube videos.
  • Cook/bake something new or different with my daughter.
  • Walk alone and think for yourself.
1. If morning like to go for run with nature surrounding me.
2.If alone in afternoon like to think on my ideas and life.
3.Night good food and sleeping

Just chilling with my girlfriend, watching Netflix with her laying in the bed, cuddling, making love, cooking together. I also spend my free time playing video games or researching and earning crypto.!
Hiking the nature trails.
Outdoor photography
Kayaking and other water sports
Learning new things

trying to gain some knowledge from online like youtube or sometimes if i was so tired i may rome with my friends or take a little nap.

I read motivational books and surf internet.
Watching TV and playing FIFA lol