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How do you manage stress?

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Some physical things I do:
deep breathing exercises
  • exercise
  • eat (healthy)
  • clean up -stretch

I make a huge effort to program my mind. What you tell yourself is likely to manifest. Conciousnese is the key determining factor of your reality.
  • Do what you need to do. Just knock it out.

-meditate (relax each muscle in your body and relax your mind. As thoughts come to you, acknowledge them, and let them go.) Just stay positive and keep the future you want in mind.
My style of managing stress is litte bit different.

Actually best way of relieving stress is, start working what you love most, be it listening music , singing a song , Playing any musical instruments or any other hobby.

Once you get into your hobby deeply, your mind would slowly come out from stress and you start feeling relaxed.

Honestly, and unfortunately, not that well.
With smaller stresses I just take a walk and I can actually stay positive most the time.

From a big stress well,
I get migraines sometimes from stress and other times stomach issues.
Here are 10 ways to make it easier.
Exercise. Working out regularly is one of the best ways to relax your body and mind. ...
Relax Your Muscles. When you're stressed, your muscles get tense. ...
Deep Breathing. ...
Eat Well. ...
Slow Down. ...
Take a Break. ...
7. Make Time for Hobbies. ...
Talk About Your Problems
I find I am at my least stressed when I can keep a regular routine of walking, yoga, and eating healthy. However, I also find the pace of my day job is inversely correlated with the ability to keep up such a routine.
Weight training, marijuana and quality sleep
I usually draw doodles in the form called Zentangles . Its a not a new form of art, and by the name - it brings a zen like peace to those who practice it well.

I also try and sit quiet for a while if I am stressed and not think about anything. This is open-eye meditation . Again, requires practice.
I use the Silva Mind control to manage stress. I meditate 3 times a day.. Once in the early morning after getting up from bed. In the afternoon and at night just before going to bed. Each meditation last around 15 mins. Everybody has stress, its part of life. We just need to manage them. Please purchase and read the Book 'Silva Mind Control'by Jose Silva to learn about the meditation techniques.
Dont think more on that subject which is keeps you alwys in stress
... fight with the problems then stress will go away from you.
listen to songs and sing.
live relaxed.