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How has the internet changed the world positively?

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1. Connectivity - we're now connected to almost every part of the earth... We're updated with latest news about areas on the other side of planet.

2. Learning - Name any skill and you can learn it from internet for free if you know where to look

3. Daily work - People are becoming more productive because of the knowledge they gain from internet

4. Sharing - Anyone can now share their veiws over internet and people can put opinions about it

5. Banking - You Don't have to visit banks now ... Everything is possible over the internet

6. E-COMMERCE - Anyone can buy/sell anything from their home.

7. Food - Food is available at your doorstep in just one click.

And a lot more ... We can keep counting ..
The world is much much more connected now..!!!
Don't have to wait days for a communication to reach someone.. it's always available now!!!

Information about almost anything is right there in front of you when and where you need it..!!!
People can heal themselves and other via this medium by gather knowledge on how to..

Unlimited knowledge is presented with a few clicks.. so for the knowledge hungry this was a magic wand!!!

Transactions done around the world thus making the world a more accessible place and the various things around the world within reach... hence giving chance to the less developed to become better than before!!!

Mental, Medical Healing and Even Spiritual healing can be accessed and done via internet...what else can one expect!!!

Phone books, floppy disks, cd's...who uses these things anymore? There is actually high speed internet access all the way up Mount Everest, so it is every where and we have to use it for living.
It has stopped education being the monopoly it was.
It has contrary to popular opinion stopped the three channel brainwashing that used to go unchecked.
It has brought fresh ideas to those who wish to decide for themselves which opinion is valid.
It has brought the worlds best thinkers and skilled individuals to your doorstep.
Some people say it is replacing our reasoning because you can ask anything at the touch of a button but these questions tend to lead inquisitive minds to more questions and a depth of knowlage rare in bygone days.
As we all know 90% good still leaves 10% bad the critics would say but this is true with any walk of life and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few as Spock said.

Affiliate marketing business
Google Adwords and Adsense marketing
Blog and article submission business
Online auction selling
Web marketing
Being able to communicate with people all over the world and understand that people far away no matter if your countries get along or not are just people.
Access to information
Buying and selling (social media marketing )
Education (online master degree )
Acquisition of knowledge
Instant and fast laerning system ( most information what to know is already there)
Connect all people all around the globe.
As we have seen, the Internet revolution is not just technological; it also operates at a personal level, and throughout the structure of society. The Internet makes it possible for an unlimited number of people to communicate with one another freely and easily, in an unrestricted way.
Access to alot of educational information