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How much would you rate Masmic on a scale of 1 to 10? What can we do to improve this score for you?

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I Would Rate 7🤔🤔

Masmic is Still In Beta Testing, team has been actively working and Making changes and Introducing new Updates.

1. Search Bar on Top

2.Replying to Comments by Quoting Comments like TG is a Useful feature and much needed feature with increase in Number of Users.

3. Reporting Button

4. Editing Article Should be like Medium it's better.

5. UI/UX Changes are Recommend and I hope it happens as Masmic Evolves and It's not a major Technical Concern.

7 stars would be my score . There is a serval areas where your really doing it right.
Site navigation is easy and intuitive.
Content is fresh and is continuously being updated.
User feedback loop on responses is good. The user are giving positive comment.
The site is very engaging, a little addictive, in a good way.

I look forward to hardware wallet support, maybe Ledger nano or ledger X.
Also on the security side, 2nd factor login would be be great. (forgive me if I missed this.)
I can't wait to some question form organization who are trying so solve larger community problems. I'm not so much interested in seeing big commercial sponsors who just want customer profile data.

The site/App has a certain altruistic feel to it. I hope you can retain this.
8 is my answer for the rating. Some new to attract new user. Content is very understandable. Easy usage.
I'll give it a 6. I want the feature to sort answers based on number of upvotes or at least show the upvote count.
7 — it would be great to have some extra incentive for curators who don't spend much time writing answers.

Like hold more amount of xlm and earn more from curation. It's not the best method out there so if you can comeup with something better, that would be great.
It’s a really good platform, cryptowinter is chilling us all to the bone!
Maybe some bonus XLM somehow to get our earnings up. Some kind of bonus or way to win some with extra tasks? Basically a way to earn more.
thanx for your great work.
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5, pay me more money
6 - It is pretty cool but i think the design can be better and also need much more users and traffic
I would like to read it 7.
Changes required
  1. Questions get hidden after a certain point of time. I don't like this. Someone might have the same doubt 2 months later, but he had to ask the question again.
  2. A mobile app will be great. On website we face some problems while zooming in and out. While voting also, I have to refresh the website after every second vote, if my internet connection is slow
  3. A new colourful website would be great, though not compulsory
7 for now

Would be great if we have an mobile app
User following (so we can know what our favourite people asking)