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How's your overall Masmic experience till now?

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Rewards are fun but when i think about it my perspective has changed regarding some things after reading other people's answers....
I am newbie here right now. But i am learning something new and bigger than me. The community is awesome and engaging.
It's perfect. I completed some tasks and collected XLM coins. And you can withdraw your coins in seconds. This is just brilliant. Thank you Masmic.
It's rewarding and simple, but I want you to add the undo or edit button to this platform.
fantastic..!!! love answering all the questions and reading through some very detailed and well thought of answers.. and all this while sharing your thoughts being rewarded as well.. 2 thumbs up!!!
Perfect! I love Masmic and i always check for the new posts.
I've found it to be very nice, Super easy to use and straight forward and it feels like we're still super early on and this can grow and grow into an amazing project.
Overall Experience: Positive

Areas of improvement: Definitely,
1) Introduce a mobile app with push notifications
2) Enable push notifications on Desktop
3) Make a help button showing how anyone can ask questions for as little as 1 XLM (Most arent aware on how to ask questions. they are just here to write a few answers and get paid)

This alone will make over 40-50% retention rate.. :)
Adding perspective to your Insights.
People from across the Globe!
Knowledge sharing with Passive Income!
It is Just WoW.

Looking forward for more and more people to join
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