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How to survive in today's corporate world in India ( IT sector ) ?

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Its impossible to cope up with the pace at which technology is evolving. Its impossible for a person to know everything. This demands smart working/learning.

Don't try to master anything. By the time you have mastered something, there will already be something else that will be there in market [though its good to know the basics]

1) Learn quickly.
2) Fail fast.
3) Try to do things in parallel.
4) Use your past learning to apply in what you are learning currently. Usually the difference is very less.


Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish :)
Compartmentalization of your work life.
It is not the number of hours you invest that matters, but the quality of the work done in those hours.
One common problem with the IT crowd and other corporate employees in general is:
  • They fail to find a balance in work life and personal life and face a devastating burnout after a few years. After that they are just programmed robots designed to achieve an ever increasing productivity and hence earning more profits for their owners.

If the employees work focused for 8-9 hours in the office without wasting time, they seldom have to carry their work home. They can go home and rest, read a book, socialise, pursue their hobbies, learn new things and meditate. When you have hours to recover from the stress, you can maintain your sanity and show up fresh everyday and perform even better than the previous day.
Daily move forward with learning new skills.
Don't stuck with one skill
Update with recent trends.
Be bold
Learn new skills for which global market demand far exceeds supply. Keep upgrading your skills.
In India especially most of corporate sector and their work process is a outsourced work from most of multinational companies.

So keeping eyes on technology trends in industry can give more confidence and vision for accomplishment.
Continues learning is the only way.
Just hang in there and try to avoid everything.
Corporate is best heper to people and government
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