6 months ago

How would you describe Masmic to a friend?

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It is a place where you can learn a lot about the variety of topics and share your knowledge for which you get rewarded.

It is revolutionary and it is fun.

Masmic is AskReddit that cares about the effort you spent on answering questions. More quality answers and less memes.

I Would be like:

Hey, do you want to earn money for just answering questions and helping others? now you can, just go to Masmic.com and make that become a reality.

*Start of conversation*

Me: Sup dude?

Freind: Yo bro whats up

Me: Nth much just earning crypto 24/7 on masmic.com.

It is a place where good ideas and conversations are rewarded with an innovative currency. It's a place for people to come together and incentivize their thoughts, with no risk of failure or judgement.

Quora on Steroids!!

Masmic.com, is a knowledge based community. Give back by sharing your advice, and earn cryptocurrency tips. Everyone’s perspective matters. Even if you can only vote on the best answers.

The Masmic community, needs your passion, and experience now!

It would be like this and I have used it:

Quora with benefits by some cryptocurrency junkies.....:P

Rest check it on google.

I did refer a couple friends and I told them that was a cool platform where you can answer questions and also vote on people’s answers and earn crypto for doing it!

Masmic is a community based platform where your ideas and response to questions are rewarded.