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How you spent your time on weekend?

Netflix binge, chilling with friends, or just sleeping??
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"I fight I Celebrate" this is what I have always said to my friends who see me Happy on Weekends. I will expand that Quote a bit more here.
" I fight for 5 days and I Celebrate 2 days".

My celebration starts Friday Evening. Friday evening and Night is to Hangout with friends and Family mostly to wander with Roommates and Close group Of Cousins.

I getup between 6 to 7 am. I will Start my fav TV shows and watch until lunch.

After that Sleep for a while and then Gang will arrive in Evening with someone who will sponsor all for Drinks and Food.

Take Long Shower for at least 30min after that a great Sleep then wake up Read a Bit about new trending Technology ( mostly not interested too). Switch over to TV shows and Evening South Indian Food with Friends and Shopping with Close Cousins.

We also sometimes plan Road trips on Weekends too.

I'm currently working on getting better at hip hop dancing :)
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I have a flexible work schedule and I usually focus one day per week on doing different things like studying things that I like, meeting my friends or go on a date. It’s usually on Saturdays and a typical rest day is like: spend morning studying things I like, thinking about life and making important decisions, meet friends in the afternoon and meet other friends in the night.

The other 6 days of week for me are normal days and I usually work on Sundays normally. The advantage of working more days per week is that you accomplish more things and can spare more days in a row to rest or do other thing when you need it. So for example if I need to travel for some days or a whole week I can plan to do this with low effort.

I usually finish my work around 7pm and I can wake up later in the next day if need. So it allows me to go out to a bar or a party any day of the week if appears a good occasion. As I almost don’t drink I don’t wake up very tired in the next day and don’t affects my routine.
P.S. I think its important to know and understand your limits. This one day of resting for me is very important and crucial, If I give up of it in a specific week in the next one I will me very very tired. So discover the ideal balance of work, fund and rest makes a huge difference
My Week End Plan

Bike Trips
Good Food and Sleep
Spending time with Friends and circle.
I usually take some time out to pamper myself, maybe sleep more, take in the sunlight, cut your nails, oil hair, have detox drinks and food, lots of water, listening to music. I avoid screen time on weekends and maximise the in person meetings with friends,family rather than online.
PS: this is quite ironic I am writing this answer on a sunday :P
Weekends are for sleeping and for cursing yourself for the decisions that didn't go really well
I get to meet with my friends and family on the weekends.
Making a delicious dish for my family is my weekend hobby.
watching football :)
By doing things that make me happy. Sports, movies, games, family time..

Basically, anything that takes my mind away from work and crypto. :)