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I want to learn Mandarin. What's the best way/tool to start with?

Are there any apps which make it easy to learn Mandarin. And what learning methodology should I follow?
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I used the Hello Chinese App (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hellochinese) to learn vocab, reading writing. Its got a good way to learn the words, review, and it really helps you be fluid in your thinking when using the language.

Otherwise, hellochat is perfect for practice. I used these for 6 months before coming to china, and after that is was so easy to keep picking up the language organically.

Also pleco for looking up characters and stroke order.

The best program for Learning Mandarin. Once you’ve used it for a while you’ll know why. It’s an SRS Flashcards program and it just does everything right:

  • Fairly easy to get started.
  • Completely customisable and very powerful for more advanced users.
  • Free.
  • Open source.
  • Multi-platform (I use it on Android).
  • Syncs between devices.
  • Easy to import and export data.
  • Large community.

I would recommend to try Learn Chinese Free - ChineseSkill app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chineseskill)

  1. Major of the content is completely free
  2. Game based curriculum, multiple test modes
  3. Offline learning supported
  4. Competing with friends, thus making the learning more addictive and fun
The best way to learn is by searching for sites that offer best tutorials or if you don't have enough money you can search in Youtube for tutorials that are very helpful.
Just used the google translator...they can translate different kinds of languages including mandarin.
to learn this mandarin , one taka help of various training programme on this topic. many apps can also helps you to learn it fast and get used to it.
Use the rosetta stone program, it helped me to learn italian when i was in college and I got an A. Its easy to use but a bit expensive
When you encounter Pinyin, you have to read it aloud. Pinyin is not read the same way as English letters are, and you must get used to reading Pinyin correctly.
Many sounds in Chinese are quite different from those in English, and each sound is perfectly distinct. You have to pay attention to sounds like zi/ci/si/zhi/chi/shi and you must be able to easily distinguish them.
A good way to test your skill, in my opinion, is to listen to a Chinese song and try to identify the Pinyin. If you find the Chinese lyrics you can use Google Translate to obtain the Pinyin.
The major problem I see in westerners trying to learn Chinese is the pronunciation, but for some reason, Vietnamese and other Asian groups have little to no problems with it. (Probably since their language is much tougher).
When increasing vocabulary, it is best not to learn each Chinese character as a word in itself, but rather check out the 构词 and 词语搭配 (difficult to translate into English, but something like compound words and character phrases) for each word.
Although Chinese characters can stand alone, they are normally put together like puzzle pieces to form compound words. In order to gain an understanding of the nuances in each word, checking the related coupound words for their meanings would show how this word can be used, and the meanings associated with these words.
When you can recognize all the constituent words in a compound word, you should be able to roughly piece together the meanings and figure out the general meaning of the compound word. This is a skill that allows us Chinese to understand phrases we’ve never seen before, and also come up with our own phrases.
there are plenty of things you can do when learning mandarin, its like learning your first abc and numbers. you can learn a bit at a time.
Looking for a language course that teaches Mandarin and has a good reputation related to teaching and going up.