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If atheists believe there's no afterlife and life has no meaning, what's stopping them from killing themselves?

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To LIVE is to allow ourselves to fall in love , with someone , with something , or with life itself. 

Death is waiting for us anyways; why call on it before our time?

What's stopping someone who believes in an afterlife from killing themselves?

The premise to this question is absurd. If someone believes that they will still exist in another world better than this one after they die, then they have more reason to kill themselves!

The meaning of life and the will to keep living for both atheists and the religious is the same. Everyone adopts their own meaning to life that prevents them from deciding to call it quits. Presuming atheists don't believe there is a meaning to life, and presenting the question as if the idea of atheism is obviously preposterous, is a terrible way to try to understand an atheists way of life.

The religious person who believes in an afterlife accepts their ideas of afterlife and the way one should live their own life from their cultural environment. The same is true for atheists, they create or adopt a meaning to life that is derived from their cultural environment. In both cases this usually ends up being something like providing for their family and friends, raising their children, helping their community to become a better place to live, or generally to avoid pain and suffering while enjoying their time in this world.

By separating people into theists and atheists, you are just masking the truth to the human beings living on Earth. You're not thinking about the issue from a foundational level. You're adding another layer on top of nature of existence and treating that as the baseline for everyone.

Note: I am not an atheist, theist, believer of afterlife, or believer in any metaphysical ideas. I can only speculate on these questions like anyone else because there are no answers available to us and pretending as if there are is disingenuous to your own being.
Honestly when it comes to life and death situations I think even athiests say “oh god” and pray, they believe or want to believe in god in those situations .

Atheism is a broad term that covers people who don't believe there is a god, and people who don't know and/or care. It doesn't say anything about the meaning of life.

I believe the presence of a god can't be known, therefore I'm an agnostic atheist. I have meaning in life because I create it for myself - just like everybody else. If you say a god gives you meaning, then you too have created your own meaning. After all, god probably only exists in your head...
They must become muslim
Because islam is best religion which provides best ideas about life after death
Atheists don’t believe that life has no meaning. It’s meaning just isn’t dictated by whats written down in some book.
To live means to live life and enjoy it and there is only one chance to enjoy life
Do 'believers' continue living only to search meaning and prepare for afterlife? There is still a lot to experience even if you don't believe in God and other spiritual stuff.
Pain, may be?