If given an option, where would you want to live/settle, and why?

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At country side town, in full of nature original beauty.

It's my personal desire. But currently we have become very selfish busy and our expectations also increased. So to fulfill our life needs we always run out. But while we miss out own real desires. We sacrifices them for someone loving one. And this is called as "LIFE".

And I am willing to spend most of time in such nature gifted places, where someone can find relaxation to out as well as international soul.
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I would like to get settled in a village that is free from pollution and traffic. I would like to be financially independent so that I can focus more on the things I really need in my life. I'm still thinking which village I should choose for staying. But it will never be any dream city.
In a neat and clean village area, away from the busy and polluted city.
There will be less distractions, more healthy lifestyle, and of course, different opportunities.
Somewhere countryside. Close to culture , far away from social media, farming, animals, peace.
in rural areas because the air still feels cool and fresh
i will gonna live in United State just because of financial opportunity's.
other then that i love my India so much.
if i got settle very well in India, i will never ever leave my country.
If you love music, arts, literature, and other things that are fuelled by creativity, then Baguio City Pilippines is the best place for you. The serenity of the place can stimulate the mind to think deeper and it encourages the mind to look wider with a greater and clearer perspective to the world. The breath-taking beauty of nature will capture you and swallow you which will leave you stunned with the encounter of the greatness of the Almighty. The quietness of the place will surely sanctify your ears and with the soft whisper of the wind you will be able to hear yourself more than the screaming nonsense of the world.
My native with parents home-lots of love
New Zealand.

Great bits about NZ:
  • Decent public healthcare
  • Great education system
  • Peaceful, quiet, relaxing place to live and bring up a family
  • Incredible, unique landscape and really nice down to earth people
Not so great
  • Auckland weather and traffic (easily fixed by not living in Auckland)
  • Being so far from everything means things like fuel can be expensive, leading to a lot of other things also being quite expensive
  • House prices are through the fucking roof.
  • Average pay and cost of living.
Goa, India...working on beach and enjoying the night life