If Jurassic Park were real, would you visit it?

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Possibly if it was possible then it would be amazing. But I don't think it would be cheap. If it does happen in future which is possible, considering there are plans to resurrect the mammoth, then it would be a whole new thing for humankind. But I don't think humans can cage them long. There are a lot of risk to bringing back the creatures. Can you imagine what a T-rex could do if it manages to break loose. I guess we would have a real life godzilla then.
Yes. I will. As long as its safe, the dinosaurs are well-cared for, and the admission is not very high (around $1,500 i expect, or even less) yes.
Assuming the dinosaurs displayed are scientifically accurate, then it should be fine. There are no indication that dinosaurs are more aggresive than modern-day animals, which is unlike in the Jurassic Park franchise where they're depicted as being aggresive and require some fantastic stuff, such as electric fencing for raptors. (Big cats, such as lions, tigers or even cougars are arguably more agile, more intelligent, faster, and arguably just as aggresive. And yet they do not require such electric fencing, as long as the enclosure is solid and safe, as well as meeting the basic requirements)
Also, there are some indications that dinosaurs (non-avian) were colorful, like their avian descendant, unlike dull colorations we saw in Jurasskc park franchise. This may make them even more attractive
Three little blunt words: count me in!
As an adventure seeker at heart, I want it to be an exciting memory I can look back on.
Yes, yes, the dinosaurs are huge, can’t be contained and all that jazz. Yet zoo owners and aquariums still have equally dangerous species in captivity. Mybiggest concerns would be the required emergency measures during natural disasters for both guests and the animals or worse, a hostage takeover. There will be poachers out wanting to hunt the dinosaurs or even steal them. Sincerely, I’m much more terrified of the worst kind of human beings than I am of getting killed be it by average animal or dinosaur.
However, I’m looking at all the benign pros of Jurassic park: imagine what it will mean for a terminally ill child that loves dinosaurs, and they get to see their favorite ones for one day? And for those young at heart and young themselves? They’d be given hope for a much better world of wonder, where anything is possible rather than the bleak one we’ve made for generations.
So the answer is yes, I’d happily visit. My twin sister and my friends will definitely be on aboard too. After all, Jurassic Park is a wilder, more challenging experience to behold where one can be bold. The greatest adventure will be ours.
NO !

No No No No No No No No !!!!!

I have seen all parts of the franchise,
and if there is anything I learnt from them, It is this:

You don't go to Jurassic Park !

Here is a very scary footage from the upcoming Jurassic World movie

Plain and simple

(Not until you watch each part again, taking notes of every trick you can pull out if situations go south)
I would visit, if it had a lift overhead like a ski resort.
Only if they would have a hologram of John Hammond at the entrance who would say "Welcome, to Jurassic Park!" in an infinite loop.
Yes if the ticket fits my budget. It will be an interesting experience to be in the actual park and environment.
The ultimate thrill, you can’t turn that down!
Yes I visiting to jurassic park the nature reality very amazing
Yes of course. That part of Earth history is all about speculations.