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If there's one place you could relocate to right now for the next 2 years, which one and why?

Amsterdam? Bangkok? New York? Singapore?..?..?
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United state of America, and because I'd like to change environment and explore other country...
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Singapore definitely!!

  • Pluralism with diverse communities co-living peacefully
  • Chas free roads and strict traffic rules
  • 100% recycling of water and best waste management
  • One of the few nations that don't allow new cars to be added on road
  • Cleanliness and picturesque tourist places
  • World's best airport, highest roof-top pool and many more such exciting places
  • Easy access to other island countries like thailand, malaysia,
My Native Place

My Native place is near mysuru.My Dad inherited 3 acre agricultural land, he bought some more land adjacent with that and made a wonderful Farmhouse. He loves to spend his time there all the time.
It has got to be New York !

Here are some reasons why,

  • have one of the most diverse and interesting populations in the world. Our people are fun, cosmopolitan and full of energy.
  • skyline is breathtaking. And public transportation system can’t be beat.
  • many iconic foods
  • New York is the world capital of theater.
  • With hit TV shows like Younger, The Bold Type and the recent Netflix charmer Set It Up, NYC is once again the main stage for all your rom-com dreams.

Still not convinced ?

Listen to this

San Diego. I was there briefly but the people were friendly, the food was good and the weather was perfect. Housing wasn't that bad either.
Why go somewhere when the grass is greener on your side? I would be Happy to live and relocate to Auroville which offers a completely corelatable and cohabitable alternate utopia. It has diverse people coming together for a joint effort to create a "live and let live' society focusing corely on happiness index of the residents. It's Environment concsious living too. Who doesn't love to live like that? I do, so...
It must be New York for me.

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Philippines. Presently I am living in Mexico. It is not about money it is happiness that I am looking for. If you love nature, water(sea,ocean), food, friendly people, bars, island hopping, malls that are really big and a lot of entertainment, places for kids and for adults as well, name it and everything you will find in just a single country and that is the Philippines. So much fun and for sure if you visit this country you won't regret it and maybe you won't go back to the country where you were born.