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If they made a show called "White Mirror" (positive human/technology relationship), what would be the plot of certain episodes?

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1) An episode where due to the massive automation of the time every individual has the ability to cheaply 3D print anything they can dream of. People create an economy of free flowing ideas and innovations where the production and distribution are no longer an issue leading every common man to live like a billionaire.
2) The advancements in biochemistry allow humans to produce crops that can be grown in every previously non-suitable location solving world hunger immediately. With better nutrition the world begins advancing quickly as more great minds flourish.
3) Advancements in carbon structures create wearable fabrics with the strength of steal. Firearms are no longer reliably lethal, and extreme sports become practically free of terrible injury.
4) Biologists unlock the secrets of hydras allowing the end to aging, people become massively wise and intelligent with their unending life spans, then venturing into the cosmos to learn about the universe.
5)Fusion energy along with powerful batteries and better agricultural practices make all corners of the globe well fed and without need for resources. War is gone and humanity finds no further need for politics or government. Eventually curiosity alone drives a now vibrant planet and people begin to unlock the secrets of existence.
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Episode 1
DNA and Telemere manipulation technology are used to slow aging to a pace where humans can live up to 1,000 years.

Episode 2
The Molecular Reproducer is finallly invented and ends all hunger and mal nutrition problems, unfortunately most people get lazy and fat.
There are a few die hard farmer communities that still grow food and live healthy lives but as weirdo outcasts from society.

episode 3
Cheap teleportation terminals make travel available to everyone, for free if you watch some adds(hahaha).
This changes society to where people are much happier and productive. When you can live where you want, work anywhere, travel and visit family or friends easily society improves dramatically!
Now they are making teleportation bases on the moons of our solar system for tourism and mining.

In the near future, let's say 40 or 50 years from now, thanks to nanotechnology and space exploration humanity achieve a non-zero-sum society, where people do not profit from the loss of others.

With the discovery of particular proteins, scientists have succeeded in creating programmable nanomachines, called Assemblers, capable of building bottom-up matter, atom by atom. Using assemblers humanity has managed to defeat most diseases, Alzaheimer's, Parkinson's, cancer and other pathologies can now be cured in almost all cases. 

The assemblers have allowed to intervene in the aging processes, reversing them if desired. This has prompted the leaders of the planet to collaborate, also given the no longer pressing shortage of raw materials - thanks to the space miners you can have most of the most valuable elements to a great extent.

Humanity is about to make its first interstellar journey to the Kepler system, aboard Diamantite spacecraft, a material derived from diamond, very light and 100 times more resistant than carbon fiber. Nuclear fusion engines will make it possible to travel in 100 years.

i) An episode showcasing how everyone across the world can now get access to the best global mentor(s) in any field (using VR technology).

ii) Imagining a world where 3D printing democratized manufacturing sector, making it possible to bring huge number of physical product ideas to life.
An episode where AI and Robotics has developed so far that,
That now they are making bots that can (human like) take care of

Kids with special needs,
Patients suffering from depression,
Old aged people,
Specially abled people etc.

World is now a much better place to live in :)