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If you asked your first question on Masmic, what would it be?

Want ideas/opinions on something?

Want recommendations on something?

What's a question for which you would want to crowdsource ideas from a global community?

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Why someone should spend even a low amount in order to receive a good answer to his question? Is there a really need for what Masmic is trying to do or its originality will be its point of failure?

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What can we as a community do to contribute to Stellar's ecosystem?

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Why price of BTC is so high compared to other Altcoins which have real Use case?Do you think BTC will reach 12k$ soon?

What was the inspiration that led to Masmic?

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If you wanted to change one thing about masmic, be it the algorithm, the philosophy, the UI anything, what would it be?

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I would like to know what are recent developments in the field of AI and ML?

Should we still support the idea of Religion? Why? Why not?

What will be the price of bitcoin after 3 months :)

Will XLM detrone XRP in 2019?

the most asked question in the Crypto sphere:

When moon?