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If you can have one superpower, what would it be and why did you choose it?

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reality warping! Then change the rules of the question to give myself more powers!! Muahahahaha!

Nah. Here’s my real answer

healing factor.

It’d be way to boring to be completely invulnerable. This way I feel pain and can die. I mean who wants to live forever and never die. I’d like to see what’s on other. While also having a longer lifespan! Yay!

As a side note. I never said how long my life is being extended. Might just extend it several thousand years. ;)

Power manipulation

Basically I can create new powers, steal others powers, or just flat out get rid of them. But since I can’t give myself new abilities I’d mainly use it to give other people abilities. For example when I meet the woman of my dreams give her a healing factor so we can live together.

Reality warping.

Seriously. This is more of a ability I keep in reserve. Never using unless absolutely necessary. Also with reality warping I can create effects similar to those of other superpowers while not really breaking the rule. Again this would be used only when necessary. It would be very boring to just use this willy Nilly for every problem.
I would love to have power of looking into Future.

  1. if i have this power I will be very rich person investing in stocks and Crypto which are going to boom .
  2. Once I get the money , I will be free from the tension of earning to live , I can do something for our country.
  3. I can easily see , what terrorists are planning to do in our country as can see the future, I can save the attacks.
  4. We can have peace min our nation.
  5. There are many benifits of having such superpower.
I would choose the invisibility, i would like to be where are i want without seeing.
Telekinesis, with that, i can fly or move things around as i wish with my mind, very powerful.
No superpowers I just want to be Batman.

Or wait ... Maybe I am Batman. who knows ?

I think we don't need to answer why here 😂😂
Flying would be very helpful. I wouldn’t have to pay for transportation to go home or even to go overseas! Flying around the city, going places I wouldn’t normally go would be a great way to see the world from a different angle. And of course I could visit my friends and relatives more often. I could also help people in need, and save cats from trees, like a fireman. With this fantastic super power, I could be the next superhero.
My superpower would be Teleportation. I could eat my breakfast in China and for the lunch i am in Los Angeles :)
I would go with the Immortality
Invisibility...what cant u achieve with invisibility..also teleportation would be awesome

Teleportation because I hate driving :)