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If you could be any age for a week, what age would that be?

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26....making decent money, most people aren't married, friends still hang out, no babies in the picture yet, just a lot of fun......and then you grow up

A No-stress happy life is all everyone needs.

I'd like to be 27. It is the age when you have worked for a few years and there is a sense of independence, yet no major responsibilities on you. You are up for new things and your body is ready to be put through all the adventure entailing travel, drinking, staying up late, etc! You are not yet used to the comfort that you experience in your late 20s and early 30s, so you are accommodating to many situations and open to much more in life. Definitely 27.

My First Love has always special me?? High School days are always Evergreen Memories. My Girlfriend was a Junior to me, the only time I could see her was in Lunch Break or Evening waiting for Auto. It took me almost 2 months to gather Courage to talk to her( not to Propose her). I made her buy cycle so that we both could go talking everyday. I Joined Tutions to which she was going. I enjoyed every moment with her. I would Love to spend that One Week and Experience that excitement Again.

After that 2nd Love, 3rd Love are like Remakes of Original Film with more Masala and less of Feelings.

UPVOTE the Best.

I don’t think I would want to go back for a week to a younger age, what’s the point? I don’t really do anything different now to when I was 30 except drink better wines and smoke higher end cigars but all in all nothing is much different but I prefer my life now.

As far as my answer to the question I would choose to be 100 for a week to understand the nightmares which aging brings through personal experience because after that week of hell I would probably redouble my efforts to see aging brought under a decisive level of medical control which I am confident it will be within 15–25 years.

I want to be at an age of 50 for a week. I want to know how your body feels and how your brain acts and works at that age.

This is because my Mom is almost 50 ( I hope she is not aware that i am telling her age to everyone or else she will kill me :D ).

I love her to an extent i cannot love anyone else and this thing will help me understand her needs and the challenges she might be facing at this age but not able to express.

I would definitely want to be a teenager again. But during the summer time so school doesn't bother me :) High school was the best time of my life. And it's not because I was popular in my high school (I wasn't). It's because during that time I met friends for a lifetime and we were one big happy group :)

I would be 18 again. Not that life was in many aspects any better than now but still some things are different. My main reason is because I got attacked on the street by random stranger when I was 18 and after that my fear of dying has been great problem and I lost a lot of trust in this world. I would like to experience the feeling of being a normal person without major worries like this. The other thing is that when you're younger things still feel new and exciting. At least more than today. I loved the feeling of exploring something new and having those first experiences in many things.

Then again, many things have also improved since then. Let's make tomorrow better for us all, shall we?

It would be age of 28..I actually came across the woman of my life .. I fell madly in love with her .. both of us had connected like we were friends of ages.. before I could go ahead and ask her to marry me.. a lot of bad things had happened in her life and she had to move away from me.. if I could go back then .. I would make ammends and make her mine forever

I would like to be in my late 80s. this would allow me to confront death and help get over the anxiety of aging.

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As Bryan Adams say - "18 till I die"