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If you could go in a time machine, what era in history would you like to visit?

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I would first go to the 1960s and 70s to see the best rock n roll bands and progressive rock bands of that time in their prime. Such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Deep purple, Yes, Black Sabbath, The Who, The doors, Jimmy Hendrix and so on. I would also like to know what that time felt like, when younger generations were changing the world after the second world war. As a side dish to the main course I would probably see how 'hippy' life really was back then.

The other trip for me would be to see ancient Rome in all of its glory. So that you wouldn't need to imagine all those great buildings that time or people have since crushed, to see the real state of things in relatively prosperous time and place and to understand their view on life and its mysteries.

There are lots of places where I like to go, love to see, glad to live the history, amaze to know the future, like
  1. Jurassic period.
  2. Indus valley civilization.
  3. Mahabharata battle ground.
  4. Battel between king puru and Alexander.
  5. Swami Vivekanand's speech, Chicago.
  6. New Delhi, at the stroke of midnight 15 August 1947.
  7. Human colony on Mars and moon by space X.
  8. First interplanetary meet by some extraterrestrial life( if there is).
  9. World peace (if possible).
  10. First intergalactic space drive.
  11. No cancer deaths
I’d like to go back in time when other species of Humans still lived. Neanderthals, Homo erectus, etc.
I want to know how they lived alongside other species, how they functioned as a species and just to experience seeing/interacting with a different human.
It would be really interesting as to know how they communicated with each other, what was the language they spoke if they had developed any kind of speech.
Homo sapiens had also lived alongside them of course. In addition, learning exactly how our ancestors developed would be a great thing to experience.
50 thousand years to the past , I really want to see how the Earth looked like before humans even existed.
I would go back to the era of Alexander The Great.
Along with me, I would take the advanced guns which are available. I would enter his court, fully armed. Obviously they wouldn't understand what it is, defeat him and take his throne, rewriting the history.

You readers would then read my chapters in your history books.
I have always been fascinated with old Egypt and it's cultures. I would really like to go to that time and see how they lived. Not only to know how pharaohs lived (I guess we know that when we look at today's politicians), but to find out how the hell did they manage to build those pyramids. Building a pyramid today with all the technology would cost a fortune so I'd really like to know how they did it.
I would go a week forward and get the winning lottery numbers.

I wouldn’t go back because of the Butterfly Effect. Any change I make, no matter how small, could lead to significant changes to the future. This, in theory, could cause “me” to cease to exist. I put me in quotations because it might just change who I am. And to me, that would be tantamount to suicide.

Going forward in time is tempting. Say 100 years or so. Just to see how technology develops, but than I’d want to stay. And that seems like it could cause problems. And if I didn’t stay it would be like spoiling a surprise.
Possibly the time when dinosaurs roamed on the planet. That would be risky thing. But still it would be exciting. If we can time travel, then surely we would have means to protect ourselves too. If we can set up a base in the past, I guess that would change the future. Crazy isn't it.
About 4 thousand years to witness the early days of the human civilization.
My conception so I could see my origins