6 months ago

If you could only follow one person on Twitter, who would it be and why?

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I will follow President/ Prime Minister of my country to keep myself updated with latest schemes, developments & major political decisions. Sometimes to share his stupidity.

I think it would be Elon Musk. That guy is an all rounder. From Boring company to Spacex. He has hands in everything. Never a moment of dullness. Who knows what he will get his into next. I hope he does jump into crypto.

Coinbase to see what coins they list

It would be @SuzeOrmanShow.

Most people think she is just a financial advisor. I think she is life coach, who teaches you financial skills, among many other things about life.

Maybe naval - but Elon Musk is the second choice...

It depends on your interest and focus of your growth , vision and mission.

Ideally you should follow a person who is your ideal and you get inspired reading his postings. This could be in any field and for any profession..


Donald Trump because he’s the best president in US history